A Journal of Therapeutic Advancement.

As I look back over the history of the progress of Therapeutics in the past thirty years, I am struck with the fact that at a number of times there has been an effort made to produce a general revival, a cooperative action in the study of therapeutics. This has been constantly and universally met with coldness and unconcern. The general lack of interest from the dominant school as a body has been very marked. The introduction of serums and synthetics has been pushed by manufacturers for their individual interests. No general effort by the profession for the advancement of therapeutics as an important branch of the service has been made outside of these. There has been an urgency, however, on the part of a few who have been interested, as well as a growing demand from both the profession and from the laity, which is now developing an interest in this study that is more widespread, more earnest and likely to produce better results than any previous effort. This we certainly hail with delight.

It now remains for us to engage all of these observers in a harmonious co-operative line of research in this investigation; which will enable all to work together, and at the same time to be benefited as fully as possible by the research that has been made, that as little time as possible be lost in going over and over ground that has once been well covered.

I am very anxious to make this journal the journal of such investigation, and I want it so understood, and I want every one who is interested in therapeutic lines to feel that the entire work in therapeutic advancement will be more largely presented in this journal than in those which cover the larger field of medicine in all its branches. I want my readers to advertise this fact concerning this journal and to help me place it in such a position that it will be known as the journal of advancement in therapeutic study—not only in new fields but in the proving or disproving of the work of the past, until we get the whole on an exact basis.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.