Compounds for Saturing Tampons.

I wish the editor would answer through the department of queries concerning the following combinations: In the treatment of uterine cases where medicated tampons are indicated I have used the following combination with good results: Ichthyol, 1 ounce, glycerin, 7 ounces, mix. While this acts nicely it has the serious objection that it possesses a disagreeable odor and stains the clothing. I would like to know if the following would make a good substitute: Oil of cassia, oil of gaultheria, 1 dram each, Lloyd's hydrastis, 8 ounces, glyceratrum, boro glycerin, U. S. P., q. s. one pint. Is the above a good formula? I find when a tampon is saturated with this that it seems very hard like a wet snowball. Is this an objection?


COMMENT.—A combination of ichthyol and glycerin is a common one with gynecologists. It is a good plan to follow the medicated tampon with a dry tampon through the speculum. This absorbs all the excess of discharge for the time being. It has been my custom to use the extract of pinus canadensis, with glycerin or fluid extract of geranium. After obtaining a thorough dehydrating influence from the glycerin, in cases of deep ulceration I thoroughly cleanse the parts and apply a powder of boric acid and bismuth, equal parts.

I think the latter prescription is unnecessarily complicated. If any have used this combination I wish they would write concerning it. I have had no experience with it. A good vegetable astringent, such as I have already named, with Lloyd's hydrastis and glycerin, have been very satisfactory with me.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.