Thuja and Echinacea in Tonsillitis.

In response to an editorial on page 252 of August issue of THERAPEUTIST I wish to say that the use of thuja in combination with echinacea has come to be the ideal treatment with me for irritated and ulcerated tonsils. My plan for using is as follows:

Specific thuja drops 20
Specific echinacea drops 20
Aqua q. s. ozs. 3

M. Sig.: One teaspoonful gargled and swallowed every hour.

It is absolutely essential that the patient lie down, and while in supine position, take the teaspoonful of the mixture, gargle a minute, take the breath (which can be much easier done than while standing) and repeat the process eight or ten times, after which the medicine is allowed to trickle slowly down the throat. No drinks to be allowed for 15 minutes afterward. I hope the doctors will try using a gargle while in this position. They will concede that the customary method of standing erect, throwing the head backward and absolutely closing the pharynx, thus permitting no medicine to get further than the root of the tongue, is a very imperfect method of attempting to treat a diseased tonsil or pharynx. By this plan one is able to get both local and systemic results. The local effect is instantly recognized by the cooling and soothing sensation imparted to the throat. The above combination is the best cure for that dry rasping feeling so common to sore throats, if applied as I have indicated, that I have ever been able to obtain. The THERAPEUTIST is the best of all medical journals. That is saying enough, isn't it? Respectfully,

W. H. YOUNG, M. D.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.