Practical Pointers.


Herewith are some remarks that you may be able to make use of. Before going further will say that my anterior poliomyelitis case is doing very well and putting on flesh.

Echinacea has given me great help whenever I have used it. One case of threatened tetanus it worked wonders. I have used it both internally and externally for depraved blood and dermatitis but have learned that large internal doses are necessary, 4 to 8 drams in a 4 oz. mixture.

Thuja with listerine equal parts, used as a gargle and wash for aphthous, and all throat and mouth affections is certainly a specific. It has never failed with my patients. I have successfully treated several children for enuresis with thuja.

My experience, Brother Editor, agrees with yours regarding dosage. I am a crank and use Lloyds specifics almost entirely, but find the dosage given on the bottles is little or no guide; it is far too small. I have also learned that when treating southern cases, it is necessary to generally give twice the amount of medicine to a four-ounce mixture that must be given to a northern or eastern patient.

I was glad to see Dr. Kinnett of Peoria, Ill., write of iris versicolor in psoriasis. I had a stubborn case of two years standing and gave him iris with great benefit. In many similar cases I have found it specific when combined with phytolacca.

Cypripedium is an old physiomedic remedy and has been used by me for all weakness and despondency and sleeplessness in wasting diseases in women. It has a wide range of usefulness and acts much like pulsatilla.

It is amusing to me to note the sudden popularity of psycho-therapy. I have been a scientific student of this method of treatment for twenty years and my conclusions are that the doctor of medicine will never be a complete success until he fully realizes that man is so related to the universe that he is at all times influenced by conditions mundane and psychic. When this fact is fully recognized then will we better understand the insane (cause and effect) as well as the cause of many, today, obscure diseases; why many are endowed with the power to "heal the sick." Let us be just, recognizing good and truth when found and give it the justice and common sense any subject has a right to demand.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.