November 1908.

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Single Truths from Many Doctors and Many Truths for Each Doctor


A Journal of Specific Medicine Presenting the most Direct Patent Positive Practical Rational TRUTHS Known to the Profession To-day




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Ellingwood's Therapeutist

Finley Ellingwood M.D.

Editor and Publisher

100 State St., Chicago

Vol. 2, No. 11 * Nov. 15, 1908

Our Motto

To learn the Truth. To Prove the Truth.

To Apply the Truth. To Spread the Truth.

Our Creed

The truth from all, for all, and to all, without regard to the creed of the individual.

Our Faith

  • That all disease will ultimately be subdued, in whole or in part, by remedial measures;
  • That failure to cure disease is due to our lack of knowledge;
  • That Therapeutic nihilism is the deadly foe to Therapeutic progress;
  • That the study of the clinical action of the single drug is the true method of drug study;
  • That each drug acts directly and invariably upon one or more exact conditions of disease, and must be so studied and known;
  • That with such knowledge perfected, we can immediately and successfully prescribe for conditions of disease, with which we have not previously met.

Leading Articles
Calendula Officinalis - R. D. Homsher
Treatment of Pelvic Infections - J. C. Mitchell
The Specific Treatment of Epilepsy - Drs. Thomas, Ross, Reid, Best, Watkins, Fish, Matthew and Gemmill
Case Notes on H. M. C. - C. W. Hunt
Preparatory Treatment During Pregnancy - J. C. Andrews
Brief Contributed Articles
Treatment of Sydenham's Chorea - John W. Knox
Straight Shots - I. V. Cole (Hamamelis in hemorrhoids; cactus in angina pectoris; chionanthus in diabetes; staphisagria in urethritis, gleet; trapped dick)
That "Crow" Cough - M. F. Bettencourt (bryonia and sanguinaria in dry cough)
Practical Pointers - Lous H. Freedman (echinacea in tetanus; thuja in throat troubles; iris in psoriasis)
Muscular Stiffness; Headaches - Lena R. Whitford
Ascites Prolonged for 40 Years - George E. Miller
Dioscorea Villosa - John Fearn
Cocaine in Gastralgia and Sciatica - A. C. Hewett
Diseases of the Foot: Corns - F. P. Davis
Some Safe Suggestions - N. M. Cook (collinsonia+eupat.purp. in cystitis; hamamelis in hemorrhoids; cactus in angina pectoris; vib.op. in painful menses; gelsemium in convulsions; turpentine in kidney ache)
Epidemic Conditions - M. Shadid
Therapeutic Facts
Mitchella to Prevent Abortion
Macrotys in Chorea
Lobelia as a Partus Accelerator
A Physiological Fact
Thuja in Chronic Enlargement of the Tonsils
An Antipyretic Formula
Trifolium; Lobelia
Belladonna for Hernia
Stiff Joints
A Formula for Stomatitis
Queries (cimicifuga in afterpains; diuretics)
A Toothache Remedy
Lobelia Inflata in Angina Pectoris
Lobelia Hypodermically
Cardiac Tonic (cactina pillets)
More and More
Coming into Line
Appendicitis or Censure
Treat the Indications
Representative Remedies
Headaches of Nasal Origin
A Peculiar Effect of Potassum Iodide
Precocious Maturity
Oatmeal in Diabetes Melletus
The Youths Companion
A Good Location for a Sanitarium
A Work on Functional Nerve Diseases

Vol. 2, No. 11, Front page. Ad: Uric Antagon. Ads: Health Resort, Oxydendrine, Sanitarium, India... Ad: Antidiphtheric, Laxaphen.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.