Preparatory Treatment During Pregnancy


It has always been my practice when engaged to attend a pregnant woman, however early in the history of the pregnancy, to suggest to her the propriety of taking a preparatory course of treatment, especially if there are any untoward symptoms whatever present. This course I explain to her, will relieve her of any undue nervousness and will control any erratic pains, any stomach disorders and any aching that should be present in the muscles of the body. In addition, I promise her an easier labor and a better getting up.

I have not until the present had my attention called to mitchella, but I have used the following.

Specific macrotys dr. 1
Specific pulsatilla dr. ½
Water ozs. 4

Mix. Sig.: Give a teaspoonful four or five times a day.

If, in the later stages, there should be pain simulating those of labor I add to the mixture, one dram of specific black haw. This treatment quiets any disturbance that may be present, and causes the patient to become cheerful, happy and hopeful. If the treatment is continued until the time of her accouchement, it inspires confidence and assurance at that time and conduces to a normal condition of all the organs. The os dilates without undue pain, and other conditions will be found favorable through the first stage of labor. The second stage is ushered in with full dilatation and vigorous uterine contractions. Often the secundme are expelled en mass by a single contraction and the third stage of labor is completed with no hemorrhage, and with full normal contraction of the womb subsequently. The method conduces to a normal getting up on the part of the patient, and if the child is placed to the breast early there is at no time undue hemorrhage.

Before leaving my patient I usually prescribe, in addition to the prescription first mentioned, a remedy that will overcome the soreness that is often present, and one that will act as an antiseptic. For this purpose I use specific arnica, one dram: echafolta, two drains, in a four-ounce mixture; at least a teaspoonful is given every two hours. I find arnica internally as above an excellent remedy to remove lameness, and any or all soreness, or bruised sensations from severe muscular effort during the labor.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.