A Book on Functional Nerve Diseases.

Editor Ellingwood's Therapeutist:

I have not been able to send you any new therapeutic fact, but I am able to do perhaps the next best thing, viz., send you the title of a new English book of first class importance—"Functional Nerve Disease" by A. T. Schofield, M. D., Hon. Physician, Friedenheim Hospital. It is a well written book by a rapidly rising physician, and is, I believe, selling well.

The announcement says: "This book is called for, not only on account of the increasing importance of the subject, but because the treatment of these diseases is rapidly altering in character, and is taking more account of the psychic factors, and laying less stress upon the physical. The present work seeks to present, the newest view on this subject, and to be a practical handbook in medical psycho-therapeutics as far as applicable in these diseases. At the same time, various forms of quackery and pseudo-religious varieties of treatment is described and their evils pointed out. Special allusion is made to functional nerve diseases in children."

The book is well printed, neatly bound in light brown cloth; is 8vo in size, has 324 pages including index, good type, printed and published by a good house, and its price net 7/6. I should be pleased to send it by mail to an} purchaser on receipt of a two dollar bill.

J. SIMMONS, Practitioner, 55 Pasture Road, Goole, England. [I am sure any one interested in this subject can do no better than to buy a copy of this book of Dr. Simmons.—ED.]

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.