Therapeutic facts.

Botanical name: 

Mitchella for the Prevention of Abortion.

I have found syrupus of mitchella compositus (mother's cordial) as manufactured by Lloyd Bros. a specific in cases of habitual abortion.

During the past year I have treated four cases that had aborted two, three and four times respectively. I began as soon as they became pregnant and continued the remedy in tablespoonful doses 3 times daily until the seventh month. At full term all were delivered of large babies. I had told them at the time of their abortion that I had medicine that would prevent the trouble if they again became pregnant.

I have also found it the best remedy when abortion threatens. In the last year, out of seven cases of threatened abortion six continued to full term, three had a slight bloody discharge but I had them go to bed, and gave them a hypodermic of morphine, followed by mother's cordial in teaspoonful doses every two hours for ten days. Then in tablespoonful doses before meals. They remained in bed for ten days. They all went on satisfactorily to the full term and were then delivered of remarkably healthy babies.

The compound syrup of Partridge berry (syrupus mitchellae compositus) above referred to was prepared by Dr. King by taking sixteen ounces of partridge berry, and four ounces each of helonious root, high cranberry bark, and blue cohosh. This he macerated with sufficient brandy to make three pints of the percolate. He then added two pounds of sugar, and water enough to the percolator to make five pints of the whole, and then added the original three pints, making eight pints in all. Dr. King especially recommended this to overcome a tendency to abortion.


Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.