An Antipyretic Formula.

The following is a prescription that will reduce fever every time,

Soda bicarbonate drs. 2
Acid salicylic drs. 3
Glycerin oz. 1
Water, q. s. ozs. 4

Mix. Sig.: Take one teaspoonful every two hours.

This, like all other fever reducers, wants to be handled rightly. When I have a trained nurse, or a nurse who is intelligent enough to use the thermometer, I instruct her to give it as per directions, until the fever is brought down to the point which I deem safe in the particular case.

If the nurse is not skilled I write the directions, like this: "Begin at a certain hour (whatever that may be) and give a teaspoonful every two hours until three doses are taken." This number of doses is usually as many as will be necessary at each period of elevation. I have used this formula for a great many years, and have had no ill effects. It is like all other drugs, or combinations of drugs, which are given for such purposes, they must be given, and watched cautiously.

T. A. DEAN, M.D.

COMMENT: The doctor is certainly claiming too much for the above formula to claim that it will control all fevers. If we consider carefully the character of the constituents of his formula, we must believe that in fevers with an excess of acidity, with perhaps some fermentation, or where an intestinal antiseptic is needed, this formula would work satisfactorily. It should accomplish good results, also, where a lithemic condition prevails, or where there is a tendency to rheumatic fevers.

It is possible to determine specific indications for the above formula the same as for any single remedy, and with those indications, there is no doubt that the above would be found a valuable auxiliary to other indicated treatment.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.