A Valuable Effervescing Formula.

There is a combination of remedies found in the following formulae which I have found valuable indeed.

Sodii bicarbonate C. P. ox. ½
Sp. triticum drs. 3
Aquae, q. s. ad. ozs. 8

Mix. Sig.: Take two drams in two ounces of water every four hours.

Mark this No. 1.

Acid citric drs. 3
Aquae ozs. 4

Mix. Sig.: Take one dram with No. 1. Drink while effervescing.

Mark this No. 2.

This I find helpful in that frequently encountered condition where the eliminating organs are not doing their whole duty (or, rather, where, by reason of overeating on the part of the sufferer, his eliminating organs have been overtaxed), indicated by a furred tongue, usually white or yellowish white, foul breath; epigastric and hepatic fullness and tenderness; bowels sluggish or constipated; urine scant, high-colored and occasionally offensive or painful in passing, oftentimes accompanied by muscular soreness or pain.

A few preliminary doses (from four to six) of calomel ¼ gr. with Podophyllin 1/12 gr. every hour—clears and renders somewhat more aseptic the upper bowel and prepares the patient for the mixture.

There are other indications that cause me to substitute for or rarely add to the triticum—the remedy that will meet the need; for instance, if the above described condition is encountered during pregnancy mitchella does well added—or where there is evidence of a chronically congested and sore liver, chelidonium or chionanthus is better than the triticum; or, again, if the muscular soreness or pain is marked—add macrotys in appropriate dose.

The saline diuretic mixture has done me good service in kidney affections where because of deficiency in its eliminating function, the stomach is chronically squeamish and sore, and the appetite is impaired or lost. The effervescing draught in this condition is grateful to the stomach and helps it in a manner only secondary to its benign effects upon the urinary tract.

T. J. WEST, M. D.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.