An additional suggestion is made by an English physician for the use of turpentine for bottle fed or breast fed babies who suffer from flatulence and colic, which are likely to produce local irritation. He rubs up one minim of the rectified oil, with three minims of castor oil, and two grains of gum tragacanth, in a teaspoonful of water, and gives this regularly every four hours, to an infant from eight to twelve months old.

* * * * *

We are having increasing evidences of the curability of certain external forms of cancer. A German writer has cured twelve consecutive cases of uterine cancer. He believes in first removing all removable portions, as is commonly advised in mammary cancer.

* * * * *

The Medical Summary editorially writes concerning or in reply to the question, "Are we all crazy?'" as follows: "It is nevertheless true that we have more varieties of mental decadence, more shades and differences of abnormal mentality than existed in times remotely past. Modern psychiatry reveals this fact. Neuroses and psychoses that are embryo material for the making of insane people were never so numerous. There are now so many vices and pernicious habits that did not exist in times past that it is not surprising that the habitue breeds offspring with degenerate tendencies, and a mental deterioration that is passed down the line. Dope fiends, sexual perverts and cigarette lunatics were never so numerous as now.

* * * * *

The free use of olive oil in many forms of stomach disorder is increasing. It is not unpalatable, especially given in conjunction with some fruit juice, or if stirred into hot milk. It is a food, and assists in building up the patient. It prevents irritation of the stomach and bowels and assists in removing irritating substances. It is of value, both internally and applied externally with poorly nourished, delicate infants.

* * * * *

Ischemia is a condition in which, while there is an appearance of anemia, there is not a, deficiency of the red blood corpuscles. The condition is probably due to a diathetic state, known as lithemia, from which there is a contraction of the peripheral capillaries, so great as to produce a pallor, which is mistaken for anemia. Agents calculated to overcome lithemia will correct this condition better than iron.

* * * * *

The Summary says that if quinine is given to a patient during treatment for gonorrhea, the gonococci will penetrate much more deeply into the tissues, rendering the disease more difficult of cure.

For Medical Students

Plans have been perfected by Bennett Medical College by which a new semester of the college course will begin the 1st of February, 1909, for Freshman students, and continue until the first of October. By this plan it is determined that a number of students will be accommodated in their preparatory course, who could not be accommodated by the usual method.

The college is now giving an unusually good course. It has the largest class ever registered in the institution in one year. The students are well satisfied, the faculty are filling their time fully, and the students say "We have no kick coming." All that speaks well for the college.

Club Rates

The various Eclectic publishers have decided to offer special club rates to March 1, 1909. If you are not familiar with any of these journals, a sample copy can be obtained on request.

JOURNALS Price Club Rate
American Medical Journal,
5255 Page Ave., St. Louis, Mo
$1.00 .80
California Eclectic Medical Journal,
818 Security Bidg., Los Angeles
1.00 .80
Chicago Medical Times,
412 Fulton St., Chicago, Ill.
1.50 1.20
Eclectic Medical Gleaner,
224 Court St., Cincinnati, O.
1.25 1.00
Eclectic Medical Journal,
1009 Plum St., Cincinnati, O.
2.00 1.60
Eclectic Review,
140 W. 71st St., New York, N. Y.
1.00 .80
Ellingwood's Therapeutist,
100 State St., Chicago
1.00 1.00
Medical Harbinger,
910 Lami St., St. Louis, Mo.
.50 .40
Jour. Therapeutics and Dietetics,
703 Washington St.,
Dorchester Dist., Boston
1.00 .80

You can subscribe to any or all of the above through this office, the only condition being that you include a "paid in advance" subscription to ELLINGWOOD'S THERAPEUTIST at One Dollar.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.