Ad: Merrell Fluidextracts and tinctures.

Ad: Merrell Fluidextracts and tinctures.

Green Drug Fluidextracts and Normal Tinctures

The Highest Type of Fluid Medicines

Because in their manufacture we recognize the fact that the therapeutic value of many drugs depends upon constituents that are volatilized, easily oxidized, decomposed or rendered insoluble by the ordinary process of drying or by long or imperfect storage--
Because in all such cases we use the green or fresh root, bark or plant, gathered especially for us in its prime--
Because the proper menstruum, containing sufficient alcohol to extract, preserve and hold in permanent solution all the active principles, is always selected to meet the peculiar requirements of each drug--
Because of their uniform strength--determined by assay and physiological tests--and positive therapeutic efficiency--
Because the following was not written of, and does not apply to the Merrell Fluidextracts:
"Untrustworthy" ought to be written after the name of the fluidextracts of medicinal plants as usually found on apothecaries' shelves. I have a habit of tasting, at a subsequent visit, of nearly all the medicines I prescribe, and I find there is a large number of the fluidextracts in many of the officinal and unofficinal forms prepared for our use by the pharmacists which taste exactly alike. That taste is a peculiar, stale, dirty, gritty one, often entirely wanting in the special aroma peculiary to each plant in the green state; and just here, I make no doubt, is the secret of the unworthiness ofmany of these "medicines." Instead of the fluidextract being made of the recent or fresh or green herb, root or plant, it is too often made from dried, more or less inert drug from which the volatile, and often the active principle has, perhaps, whoolly evaporated. --Dr. Norton, Brookly, N.Y., in Medical Record.

The Wm. S. Merrell Chemical Company will not hold themselves responsible for the identity of Fluidextracts filled from bulk stock or refilled containers on druggists' shelves--original packages are the only safeguard.

Physicians who have been disappointed in the use of any remedy are requested to specify "Merrell" and note the difference.

The Wm. S. Merrell Chemical Company

Headquarters for high class remedies for discriminating physicians

New York - Cincinnati - San Francisco

This image is from Ellingwood's Therapeutist, January 1908.