Gelsemium in La Grippe

Gelsemium.— "The typical gelsemium fever, however, comes in that condition which we call, correctly or incorrectly, but certainly with great frequency, 'grippe.' That catarrhal fever which steals upon you with chilliness and vertigo, perhaps a little sore throat; which makes you too tired to breathe; you feel sleepy but you can't sleep, for every muscle feels as though it had been pounded.

Your face is hot and your nose runs but your back is chilly and you feel miserable. Your mouth is dry but you don't want to drink; you want to be let alone. You know the condition—If you have never tried gelsemium for this before, give it the next time you get a chance. Give a drop or two of the tincture every hour if you can't get relief with less, and I think you will not be disappointed."—The Clinique.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 3, 1909, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.