January 1909.

Title page and advertisements.

Leading Articles
Specific Indications for Lobelia Inflata Used Hypodermically and a Study of its Action when so Used - E. Jentzsch
Anesthesia in the Field - W. C. Abbott (hyoscine, morphine and cactin)
Phytolacca Decandra - M. F. Bettencourt
Geranium in Severe Gastric Ulcer - S. B. Pratt
Echinacea - E. B. Doan
Crataegus - E. B. Doan
Thuja Occidentalis - I. N. Busby
Senecio Aureus - M. A. Cooper
Brief Contributed Articles
Lycopus Virginica in the Treatment of Dysentery and Enterocolitis - T. Jensen
Arnica Montana - Charles Dowdell
Intra Uterine Medication - N. J. Carricker
A New Cure for Hernia - A. Schreiber
The Great Propaganda - Thos. S. Blair
Treatment of Phthisis - F. Pineles-Montague
Medical View of Pelvic Peritonitis - Ella R. Couture (Differential diagnoses)
Therapeutic Facts
Hematuria and Acid Urine
Erigeron in Tympanites
The Method that Cures
Turpentine in Typhoid
Thuja in Incontinence
Veratrum in Puerperal Convulsions
Treatment of Syphilis
Treatment of Tonsillitis
Eclampsia Treated Specifically
Queries (remove coal or powder particles from the skin)
To Abort a Cold
Permanganate of Potass. in Septic Fever
Coryza (headcold)
Bandaging Tibial Ulcers
Indications for Sodium Phosphate
Lycopus Virginica
The Tissue Remedies
A Case of Aconite Poisoning
Rhus Toxicodendron
For Essential Cooperation
Eating and Sleeping
The Cry of the Child
Cannabis Indica
Acute Locomotor Ataxia
The Nihilopathist
Gelsemium in La Grippe
The Diagnosis of Appendicitis
The Treatment of Toothache
A Diet List in Albuminuria
A Remedy for Albuminuria
Arsenite of Copper

Vol. 3, No. 1, Front page. Ad: Bovinine. Ad: Listerine, Glycerine tonic. Ad: Saline laxative. Ad: Echinacea compound, Tissue remedies.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 3, 1909, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.

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The mission of this journal is the education of the individual physician, in the exact, consistent, and rational action of single drugs, as applicable to exact conditions of disease.

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Because of attention to the other branches in the past few years, the knowledge the mass of the profession has acquired in Therapeutics has been incidental, desultory, nearly always empirical, often erratic and impracticable.


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