The Eclectic Medical Institute.

The present year has been one of unusual prosperity, the class numbering 144 up to this time, with a graduating class of 43. This is well—for us—but is not one-half as well as our Old-School or Homoeopathic neighbors would do with our facilities. If our physicians expect to thrive they must work; if they expect Eclecticism to thrive they must do more than talk about "the cause"—they must educate students.

We want men, and want them badly. There are hundreds of localities where physicians of our School would meet a hearty reception and good success, but we have to reply to such inquiries—"we have no men."

The Eclectic Medical Institute offers facilities for a thorough medical education, independent of office instruction. If therefore you do not wish to be bothered with students, send the raw material.

The prospects for a Spring class are very flattering. The course of instruction is quite as thorough as in the Winter term, and the class generally makes better progress. Students can take their tickets as early as January 1st; the session commences February 2d.

The Eclectic Medical Journal, Vol. XXXIV, 1874, was edited by John M. Scudder, M.D.