The Journal for 1874.

The reader will notice that we commence the new year with our usual good supply of material, and can promise its continuance during the year. One principal object of the Journal is to call attention to the diseases of the season, giving such information as will lead to correct diagnosis and successful treatment. We are alive all over, and do not propose to let anything escape observation and notice.

We have put our "hand to the plow" of direct or specific medication, and do not propose to look back, much less to go back. We want a better practice of medicine, and we want it bad, and what we want we work for and will have it.

The Journal has a very large circulation now, and numbers subscribers in each school of medicine. We are glad to say that it is well liked, and when a physician puts his name on our books, he generally remains with us. But we are like little Oliver Twist with the gruel, "we want more."

Send in your subscriptions early. See your neighboring physicians and show them it is their interest to send with you. Show your Journal to a few of your better patrons, and get some outside readers. Send it to your minister as a Christmas present—he will be glad to learn that the editor is orthodox and believes all the old doctrines.

The Eclectic Medical Journal, Vol. XXXIV, 1874, was edited by John M. Scudder, M.D.