Lobelia as a Cardiac Stimulant.

Botanical name: 

Our readers will understand by this time that we believe that all the so-called special sedatives are stimulants in medicinal doses. That they lessen the frequency of the heart's action by giving it increased power through better innervation, and especially by removing obstacles to the free circulation of the blood. The same influence that rectifies the innervation of the heart, puts the blood-vessels in better condition for the circulation of the blood.

But there is a special use of Lobelia that I desire to call the attention of our readers to. Given, praecordial oppression, with enfeebled circulation, Lobelia is the remedy. We find it occurring in various forms of disease, but always unpleasant, and in some cases death may result from cardiac syncope.

I have already called attention to the fact that Lobelia is the remedy for angina pectoris and neuralgia of the heart, a single dose of gtts. v. to gtts. xxx. of the tincture of the seed, frequently removing all unpleasant symptoms. Given, an asthma with praecordial oppression, and full, oppressed, or feeble, empty pulse, and prompt relief comes from the remedy. Given, a functional wrong of any part of the body, with these symptoms, and we would give Lobelia.

I use and recommend a tincture of Lobelia Seed, ℥iv. to Alcohol 98° Oj. Dose varying, as named above, from gtts. v. to gtts. xxx., for speedy relief, to: Rx Tinct. Lobelia, gtts. x.; Water, ℥iv.; a teaspoonful every half hour or hour, to continue the effect.

The Eclectic Medical Journal, Vol. XXXIV, 1874, was edited by John M. Scudder, M.D.