Glyceritum Acidi Tannici (U. S. P.)—Glycerite of Tannic Acid.

Related entry: Acidum Tannicum (U. S. P.)—Tannic Acid

SYNONYMS: Glycerin of tannin, Glycerole of tannin.

Preparation.—"Tannic acid, twenty grammes (20 Gm.) [309 grs.]; glycerin, eighty grammes (80 Gm.) [2 ozs. av., 360 grs.]; to make one hundred grammes (100 Gm.) [3 ozs. av., 231 grs.]. Weigh the tannic acid and glycerin, successively, into a tared porcelain capsule, avoiding contact with metallic utensils, and apply the heat of a water-bath, until the acid is completely dissolved. Then transfer the solution to a bottle"—(U. S. P.).

Action and Medical Uses.—This forms a useful local application in bleeding from cuts, leech bites, epistaxis, sore nipples, anal fissure, chronic coryza, spongy gums, vaginal leucorrhoea, and chronic mucous inflammations, in which the mucous membrane is relaxed. It will be found an excellent local application in gleet, the nasal discharges following the exanthematous affections, otorrhoea in children, granular ophthalmia, ozoena, etc. It is contraindicated in active inflammations, which should be. allayed previous to its use (see Acidum Tannicum). Chronic diseases of the skin, as eczema, impetigo, tinea, lichen, etc., have also been greatly benefited by its application.

King's American Dispensatory, 1898, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., and John Uri Lloyd, Phr. M., Ph. D.