Glyceritum Aloes.—Glycerite of Aloes.

Botanical name: 

Related entry: Aloe.—Aloes

SYNONYMS: Glycerinum aloes, Glycerin of aloes, Glycerole of aloes.

Preparation.—Take of finely powdered socotrine aloes, 4 drachms; glycerin, 4 troy ounces; triturate the aloes with the glycerin in a glass or porcelain mortar, transfer to a bottle and agitate well together. If the aloes is not entirely dissolved digest the mixture for 15 minutes in a water-bath and strain. This forms a syrupy liquid of a bright mahogany color.

Action and Medical Uses.—This is recommended as a local application in lichen agrius, and eczematous affections.

King's American Dispensatory, 1898, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., and John Uri Lloyd, Phr. M., Ph. D.