Extractum Papaveris.—Extract of Poppy.

Botanical name: 

Related entry: Papaveris Capsulae.—Poppy Capsules

Preparation.—"Take of poppy capsules, freed from the seeds, and in No. 20 powder, 1 pound (av.); rectified spirit, 2 ounces (Imp.); boiling distilled water, a sufficiency. Mix the poppy capsules with 2 pints of the water, and infuse for 24 hours, stirring frequently; then pack in a percolator, and, adding more of the water, allow the liquor slowly to pass until about a gallon has been collected, or until the residue is exhausted. Evaporate the liquor by a water-bath until it is reduced to a pint, and, when cold, add the spirit. Let the mixture stand for 24 hours, then separate the clear liquor by filtration, and evaporate this by a water-bath until the extract has acquired a suitable consistence for forming pills"—(Br. Pharm.). This preparation is seldom employed in America.

Medical Uses and Dosage.—(See Papaveris Capsulae). Dose, 2 to 5 grains.

King's American Dispensatory, 1898, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., and John Uri Lloyd, Phr. M., Ph. D.