Tinctura Ergotae.—Tincture of Ergot.

Botanical name: 

Related entry: Ergota (U. S. P.)—Ergot

SYNONYM: Tinctura secale cornuti.

Preparation.—"Take of ergot, finely comminuted, 5 ounces (av.); proof-spirit, 1 pint (Imp.). Prepare as directed for Tinctura Sennae"—(Br. Pharm., 1885).

Action, Medical Uses, and Dosage.—This tincture may be used in all cases where the action of ergot is indicated or desired. The dose is 10 drops to 2 fluid drachms.

Related Preparation.—TINCTURA ERGOTAE AMMONIATA, Ammoniated tincture of ergot. Take of "ergot, in No. 20 powder, 5 ounces (Imp.), or 250 grammes (Metric); solution of ammonia, 2 fluid ounces, or 100 cubic centimeters; alcohol (60 per cent), a sufficient quantity. Mix the solution of ammonia with 18 fluid ounces (or 900 cubic centimeters) of the alcohol; moisten the powder with 2 fluid ounces (or 100 cubic centimeters) of this mixture, and percolate with the remainder; press the marc; mix the expressed liquid with the percolate; add enough of the alcohol to form 1 pint (or 1000 cubic centimeters) of the tincture. Set aside for 24 hours; filter. Dose, ½ to 1 fluid drachm"—(Br. Pharm., 1898).

King's American Dispensatory, 1898, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., and John Uri Lloyd, Phr. M., Ph. D.