Calcium Sulphide.

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Syn.—Sulphurated lime.

Use: Its special influence is on the glandular system, blood and skin. We think of it in glandular, pustular and suppurative inflammation, especially of the skin, In carbuncles and the tendency to formation of crops of boils it is one of our best remedies in syphilitic skin disorders, soft chancre, suppurative bubos it is of value. Calcium sulphide is claimed to be of value in bronchitis, pneumonia tubercular conditions, tonsillitis and tubercular joint diseases. It is recommended by some authors in bronchial and laryngeal troubles; also in suffocating cough and croup. Has been recommended in smallpox. It should not be given in so large doses as to cause irritation of the gastro-intestinal tract. The first trituration is, no doubt, the best form to administer, although some recommend the 2nd trituration. It may be given in 2 to 5 grain doses, 3 to 4 times a day. It is best to give it in water or during meals mixed with the food.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.