Calendula Officinalis.

Botanical name: 

Syn.—Calendula, marigold.
P. E.—Leaves and flowers.
N. O.—Compositae.
N. H.—Europe.

Use: In superficial inflammation of the skin and cellular tissue and to prevent suppuration. Valuable locally in recent wounds, cuts, open sores, chronic ulcers, capillary engorgement and severe burns. It is mildly antiseptic and prevents the formation of pus. Has the advantage over many other remedies in that it causes the scar or cicatrix to form without or with very little contraction of tissue. Favors union of fresh wounds by first intention and relieves pain to some extent. May also be given internally to assist local action in many cases.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.