Cypripedium Pubescens.

Botanical name: 

(Note. The Cypripediums are rare and endangered orchids. Don't use them unless you grow them yourself.)

Syn.—Cypripedium; Yellow Lady's Slipper.
P. E.—Root.
N. O.—Orchidaceae.
N. H.—North America.

Properties: Tonic; stimulant; antispasmodic; slightly diaphoretic.

Use: A mild stimulant to the nervous system, useful in nervousness caused by functional derangement. If the nervous condition depends on disorders of the reproductive organs, especially of females, it will relieve the restlessness, excitability, mental depression, pain and sleeplessness. May be used to advantage in children in teething when there is determination of blood to the brain. In sinking spells in fevers, nervousness and pain associated with neuralgia, irritation from atony, nervousness from mental over-exertion, in threatened convulsions of children, hypochondriasis, nervousness and depression from gastro-intestinal irritation. As it acts very mildly and in functional disorders only, and its effects are temporary, we must give it in large doses of say from 5 to 30 drops as a dose.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.