Homeopathic dilutions: F

Ferrum. Acetate or Met. 3 to 12x.

Great weakness and at times restlessness; but patient feels better walking around slowly. Mucous membrane pale. In weak or anemic subjects we find the pale, ashy or even greenish appearance of face, changing to red from heat or least excitement, with throbbing from the least exertion or excitement. At times canine hunger and at others entire loss of appetite; vomiting of food when coughing. Eructations or regurgitations after eating. Food vomited up after 6 or 8 hours or longer. Bread and butter agree, but meat, beer and tea disagree. Bowels feel sore and bruised; diarrhea painless. Stools of undigested food. Local congestions with hemorrhages in the anemic and debilitated. In intermittent fevers, with red face at the time of chill, it is often useful.

Ferrum Phosphoricum. 3x.

In the first stages of acute diseases to control the circulation. In cases of cold where there is hurried and oppressive respiration and dry cough this remedy alone will often prevent an attack of bronchitis or pneumonia. In respiratory affections of children given in very small doses, it is often the only remedy required. Given in the first stage of a cold it acts admirably. We also think of it in enuresis, inflammation of the eyes with secretion of pus or mucus, hemorrhages, epistaxis, headache with rush of blood to the head. In bruises, falls and blows, it will modify the swelling, pain and engorgement. Neuralgia with determination of blood to the head. In some forms of morning sickness it has proved to be of value. In rheumatism worse on motion it may be tried.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.