Homeopathic dilutions: G

Gelsemium Nitidum. 30d.

A remedy of much value in general nervous prostration where there is general relaxation of the muscular system, even to paralysis. Gelsemium is one of most important trembling remedies; arms, hands, legs, in fact the whole body trembles, and in some cases this is so severe as to shake the patient all. over. Tongue trembles when protruding. Eyelids droop until they are almost closed. Cases go on to paralysis, the patient gets weaker and weaker, pulse gets slower and weaker, but the least motion accelerates. The will has no control over the muscles, as the nerves convey impressions improperly or not at all. Patient knows what he wishes to do, but is unable to do it. Fingers will not co-ordinate. Mental condition is of a sluggish nature, patient is depressed in spirit and prefers to be alone. Does not care to be talked to and even the presence of anyone annoys him. Dreads to move about, is drowsy, sleepy and cannot think clearly or fix his mind on any subject. Diarrhea as a result of emotion , bad news, fright or fear. Neuralgic pains may be dull, but may be so darting, sharp and sudden as to cause patient to start. Headache is generally dull with a sense of weakness in the region of the occiput or nervous headache starting from the occiput and spreading over the head. Lying still with head high ameliorates. In some cases an abundant flow of urine ameliorates headache. Stimulants may temporarily ameliorate, so will pressure over the parts. Mental exertion, head low in recumbent position, sun or smoke of tobacco aggravates headache. Sick headache, which is preceded by blindness, the latter disappearing when the former begins. In mild forms of continued fever, especially in children, it is a useful remedy, patient is too weak to move and feels drowsy and sleepy. There is a congestive condition, face may be pale or dark red, pupils dilated. Useful to abort or modify typhoid if the marked nervous prostration precedes it. Nervous chills running up and down the spine. In weak and slow pulse in old people this is a valuable remedy.

Glonoine. 6 to 12d.

Face glowing red, throbbing headache, throbbing carotids which feel as if they would burst, bending head backwards or the least jar aggravates condition. Head may feel so full as to give sensation of expansion. Warmth increases, but quiet appears to ameliorate pain. Cannot bear anything on or around head. In sunstroke or bad effects of heat it is one of our best temporary remedies. All this shows that it is a useful remedy in temporary congestion of the head. In puerperal convulsions, congestion in head the result of suppressed menses it is of value. Glonoine is a temporary remedy and should not be used any length of time.

Graphites. 3x Upwards.

Is a valuable remedy in any eruptions exuding a sticky, glutinous fluid of the nature of honey. It acts more strongly on the face, ears, head, eyelids and genitals; but is a good remedy in eruption of above nature on any part of the body. In eczema of the eyelids it is one of our best remedies. In anal fissures and eczema of the anus, or any part of the body where indicated. Suppressed eruptions, if indicated. Finger nails becoming shapeless and thick. In people with herpetic dyscrasia subject to wens. Fissures of the nipples, labia, anus, between toes or tips of fingers. In constipation stool large and knotty, the lumps often are connected with mucus, and which may be followed by mucus. There is generally considerable pain after bowels have moved. After stool anus very sensitive to touch. The stool often has very offensive odor, especially if bowels are loose. In females menses are delayed and generally scanty. In old, hard cicatrices the result of abscesses. Lumps in the breasts. The temperament in which graphites is more often indicated is where there is a tendency to obesity.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.