Homeopathic dilutions: H

Hamamelis Virginica. 3d or Higher.

Its action is mostly on the veins when they are sore, large and full, walls weak, relaxed and even tortuous in some cases. We at times find it indicated in varicose veins, orchitis, rheumatism and venous hemorrhages, in which the blood is dark and clotted.

Helonias Dioica. 3d.

A remedy that is useful in many wrongs of the reproductive organs of the female, especially the anemic. In antiversion, retroversion or prolapsus of the uterus. Menses may be profuse or scanty. Patient feels tired, weak and lame in the lumbar and sacral region, this is often associated with heat, burning or pain. Uterus very sensitive. A symptom very characteristic of this remedy is that of being conscious of the uterus, most, if not all, of the time. A weak feeling as if unable to hold up abdomen, there is an inclination to hold up abdomen, either with hands or by bandage.

Hepar Sulph. 3 to 12x.

One of the leading indications for this remedy is oversensitiveness to cold air, touch or pain. In mind we find the same sensitiveness, irritation from the slightest cause. This excessive sensitiveness we find in boils, ulcers, eruptions, in fact any condition where hepar sulph. is indicated. General tendency to suppuration, even the slightest abrasion will suppurate. In local inflammation with tendency to terminate in suppuration; it may in the early stage abort the same, later it will hasten maturity and favor absorption. In croup, condition is aggravate a by the least draft or current of cold air. There is loose cough With wheezing and rattling and child is threatened with suffocation, worse in the morning. Taking cold whenever going out into the cold. Chronic dry catarrh of the nose. Asthma that is ameliorated in damp weather. Chronic enlargement of the tonsils that affects hearing. To abort suppuration in tonsillitis and correct the chronic tendency to it. Weakness in the bladder, patient has to wait sometime before stream starts, flow slow without force. Stool sour and in small children whole body smells sour as well. Stool clay colored and hard to pass even if soft, showing a weakness in expulsive force. Diarrhea is sour and if in small children the whole body smells sour. Hepar sulph. patient often craves sour or acid food or drinks.

Hydrastis Canadensis. 2d or Higher.

In chronic or infantile constipation. In stringy discharge from any orifice of the body, of a chronic nature. There is a dull ache and faint gone feeling in epigastrium. Stomach is not bloated but, on the contrary, often is sunken in.

Hyoscyamus. 3d or Higher.

Delirium of low form which may become violent but only seldom, there is gradually increasing weakness with pale and sunken appearance of face, patient sometimes even becoming unconscious. Patient picking at bed-clothes, answering questions only to relapse immediately into a stupor again, lower jaw drops down, eyes may be closed or wide open, staring without comprehending what is going on. Stool and urine pass involuntarily. Above indications are often met with in severe acute diseases, such as typhoid, pneumonia, scarlet fever, and in such cases it is a valuable remedy. In convulsions there is general twitching and they are clonic in nature and not violent.

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The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.