Homeopathic dilutions: I

Ignatia Amara. 3 to 12d.

Twitching, this may be of parts or all over the body. Tobacco smoke cannot be tolerated and will aggravate complaints of the patient, in other words, there is marked aversion to the smoke of tobacco. An empty or gone feeling in the pit of the stomach, with tendency to draw a long breath or sigh. Hysterical or nervous headache. Headache as if a nail or stick was run through side of head, increased by coffee or smoke, alcohol, cold wind or sudden motion, moving of eyes, light or noise. Warmth, mild pressure or lying on it ameliorates headache, so does a profuse flow of urine. Although eating may momentarily relieve headache it only aggravates it soon afterward. Globus hystericus is an indication for ignatia. Patient complains of a lump coming up in the throat as if choking. In throat affections swallowing ameliorates, however, there may be aggravation from liquids, but relief from swallowing solid food. Frequent desire to go to stool, but rectum prolapsus in the effort. A sharp pain in rectum shooting upwards. There is in ignatia patients a condition of depression and silent grief. Are sad, despondent, sigh, cry, and wish to be alone with their troubles or imaginary troubles, at other times patient may be happy, merry and full of fun, showing that it is the remedy in changeable moods. They are easily frightened, therefore, it is useful in affects of fright. Twitching all over is a prominent indication for ignatia am.

Convulsions, the result of emotion, fright or fear.

In chorea the result of emotion, fright or fear.

In chills there is thirst only during chill, face is red at the time, hot applications give relief.

Iodium. 30d.

Swelling of the thyroid or mesenteric glands. However, useful in glandular swelling in general when indicated. A good remedy in goitre if given in high dilutions and not too often. Soreness and wasting of mammae. Marked debility and emaciation. Patient hungry all the time and only gets relief from hunger as well as other sufferings when eating, still emaciates all the time. Feels good only when eating. Useful in cancer of the uterus with hemorrhages; also in corrosive leucorrhea. Warmth aggravates condition. In membranous croup with dry, barking cough, where child grasps throat when coughing. Seems to act better in children that have dark complexions.

Ipecacuanha. 12d or Higher.

Persistent nausea not relieved by vomiting, tongue clean or only slightly coated. We find often with nausea of ipecac that the face looks pale and sunken, there may be twitching of lips or face and sleepiness after vomiting. Accumulation of saliva in month. Stools in diarrhea or dysentery slimy, mixed with blood. Stools in children green as grass and often foamy. Hemorrhages from any or all orifices of the body where blood is, of a bright red color, in other words in active hemorrhages. There is generally restlessness and anxiety. Headache may be of gastric or rheumatic origin in former the nausea will precede headache and continue with the headache, in the latter there is a bruised feeling in head, bone pain. In all cases remember the persistent nausea not relieved by vomiting. In cough with nausea, threatened suffocation, dyspnea and wheezing as a result of excessive accumulation of mucus or pressure in the air passages. This may cause coughing with a sensation as if there was a foreign body in chest or throat. This remedy is of value in spasmodic asthma, whooping cough and coughs in the earlier stages before there is any accumulation of mucus. In children with spasmodic or suffocating cough, which is so severe as to cause the face to turn blue, and the whole body to become rigid at times. Useful in infantile pneumonia and asthma if indicated. Our main indications for this remedy are, persistent nausea not relieved by vomiting. Threatened suffocation from excessive accumulation of mucus in the air passages. Spasm, and cough with spasms where indicated. Hemorrhages in which the blood is bright red, in other words, active hemorrhages. In bowel troubles with the characteristic stool.

Iris Versicolor. 2d.

In sick headache, the result of gastric or hepatic wrongs. Often the eyes are blurred just before or at the beginning of the attack in these forms of headache. Burning in the tongue or throat, and in fact in the whole alimentary canal. Profuse flow of mucus, which in some cases is of a stringy nature, hanging in long strings from the mouth and is very sour, in some cases turning almost black a short time after being vomited. In diarrhea with burning anus. If we have vomiting of long ropy mucus hanging in long strings from the mouth, vomit very sour, so much so as to excoriate even the mouth and throat, this remedy should be remembered.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.