Homeopathic dilutions: S

Sabadilla. 3d or Higher.

Flatulence or cramps in abdomen with red spots forming on same. Tonsillitis, swelling beginning on left side and extending to the right side. Pain relieved by hot drinks. Burning dryness in throat.

Sanguinaria Canadensis. 3d to 6d.

Sanguinaria is a useful remedy in some bronchial and lung affections. It acts more strongly on the right lung. Cough loose with expectoration that has a very offensive odor, especially after an attack of bronchitis or pneumonia. Sick headache in which the pain starts in the back of the he-ad going upwards, spreading over the head, settling over the right eve. Patient wants to be quiet and in a dark room. There is nausea and vomiting. Rheumatism of right shoulder and arm, worse nights. Flashes of heat at the climateric with heat in the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands.

Nitrate of sanguinaria 6x is highly recommended in diphtheria by some authors and in its use patient is to be warned not to expose himself to the least draft.

Secale Cornutum. 3d or Higher.

Marked coldness of surface, still cannot bear to be covered or have parts covered, that are very cold, even icy cold to touch, although the patient complains of burning or burning heat. Burning in the feet and cramps in calves of legs. There may be numbness and sensation of crawling in skin and even paralysis, especially of the lower extremities. Burning in any or all parts of body, as if sparks of fire were dropping on the surface. The secale patient is generally weak and there may be a condition of general collapse, skin generally dry and wrinkled. Useful in gangrene of extremities, especially the lower. In weak cachectic women, with weak and flabby muscles, subject to passive hemorrhages, blood dark, worse on motion even if ever so slight, ergot is a useful remedy.

Sepia. 12d or Higher.

In eruptions of the skin it is often indicated we think of it in itch, tetter, pruritis, soreness of skin, itching followed by burning on scratching parts, brown or yellow spots on face or any part of the body. Flashes of heat with perspiration and a faint feeling. Drooping of the eyelids. In stomach there may be an empty, gone feeling, even to faintness. Especially useful in wrongs of reproductive organs of the female. Flashes of heat seem to start in the pelvic region and from there spread all over the body, these may be accompanied by perspiration and faint feeling. Hands and feet are hot alternately and it is not simply a sensation of heat or flashes but parts feel actually hot to the touch. The discharge from the uterus or vagina is thick, bland and profuse. There may be congestion of all the pelvic organs, ulceration of the cervix uteri, prolapsus of vagina and uterus. Aversion to sexual intercourse. Patient weak, easily fatigued, weak or sinking, fainting from exposure, to extreme cold, heat, getting wet, walking, riding or hard work. Loses all interest in family, house or home. Is sad and cries often without knowing why. Frequent micturation with sense of tension in region of bladder. Urine reddish or even bloody with clay colored sediment. Odor very offensive, especially in women. In enuresis the child is only troubled in first sleep.

Gonorrhea or gleet in the male where the discharge is thin, watery and scant, but persistent. Prolapsus of the rectum with sensation as of a ball in same, not relieved by stool; abnormal moisture of rectum, there may be beating and throbbing. In constipation with great straining, must assist with fingers at times. Headache, pain comes on in severe shocks, so severe as to jerk head.

Silica. 6x or Higher.

A valuable remedy where there is a continued tendency to desquam-ation. It has plastic power over cartilage., Therefore of value in inflammation terminating in suppuration. It hastens maturity, assists in discharging the pus and then prevents further exudation, thus correcting the condition. Silica is especially indicated in those that are thin and spare and look as if they were not well nourished, which actually is the result of lack of assimilation and not a lack of nourishment. No grit; ambition all gone. They are very sensitive to cold air, wind and sudden change in temperature and take cold easily, showing that there is a lack of vitality and body heat. Head and feet are especially very sensitive. Must wrap up well to make up for lack of normal body heat In children that will not grow and are thin although the abdomen may be large, it is often indicated. Constipation with backache in weakly subjects, stool large and hard, often protruding part way only to go back on account of lack of strength. Face generally gets very red in the effort on account of severe straining. In sweating of the head and offensive sweating of the feet. Burning of feet, especially at night. In suppression of sweating of feet it is a valuable remedy. Marked appetite for cold, raw food. Rickets in puny, thin children. Habitual vomiting in infants, while nursing. Diarrhea in summer, in infants during dentition, bowels loose and changeable, child eats well and still wastes away. Chronic tendency to sneeze.

Spongia Tosta. 3d or Higher.

In croup in which the. cough is severe and there is threatened suffo-cation, aggravated when awakening from sleep, this is a valuable remedy. In bronchitis or laryngitis or chronic affections of the respiratory organs where there is hoarseness, burning, soreness, rawness, aggravated by cold air, swallowing, singing, talking and evenings. Ameliorated momentarily when eating or drinking anything warm. In chronic organic heart trouble with sympathetic cough spongia is of great value, especially if patient awakes with difficult respiration, sense of suffocation, anxiety and severe loud and dry cough. In goitre, if patient feels as if suffocating after awakening from sleep it is of value.

Stannum Metallicum. 12x or Higher.

In pains in the abdomen, especially if chronic and of neuralgic nature and where pressure ameliorates; pain gradually increases and then gradually decreases. In chest the weakness is so great that patient can hardly talk. In wrongs in the respiratory tract there is cough with profuse expectoration which is thick and yellow or greenish and of a sweetish taste. In females who are debilitated and so weak that they can hardly walk and where walking down stairs aggravates condition. Leucorrhea in the, thin, weak and debilitated. Night sweats profuse, especially on the chest.

Staphisagria. 3d to 12d.

The staphisagria patient is generally irritable, out of humor and the least remark will often provoke him. Wants this or that only to reject or push it away. Everything seems to be in his way. Grieves and worries almost continually about the future. A true type of the apathetic or hypochondriac. In conditions the result of sleeplessness, annoyance, masturbation or those who have their minds too much on sexual matters. Continual burning in urethra, relieved when urinating. Prostatic troubles, especially in old men. In both male and female where there is backache worse in the night in bed and before rising in the morning, the result of wrongs of the genital organs. Excrescences looking like cauliflower, anywhere. For skin eruptions, condylomata and warts it is a useful remedy. Eczema which forms scabs and discharges an acrid fluid.

A valuable remedy in chalazion, styes, eczema of the eyelids and inflammation of the margin of the eyelids. Incised wounds will heal more quickly if staphisagria is given internally. Sinking sensation in. stomach as if it would drop down if not held up with hands or artificial support. In cross and puny children whose teeth get black, gums sensitive and painful, who are pot bellied, with chronic inflammation or ulceration of the eyelids, and are subject to habitual colic, this remedy is curative. Dysentery with above symptoms, which is aggravated by taking the least food or drink, is soon corrected by the use of staphisagria.

Sulphur. 6x or Higher.

Useful in local congestions or tendency to same. It favors absorption. Is one of our best antipsoric remedies. The main indication for this remedy is burning in or on any part of the body and orifices. Burning in feet, patient uncovers them to cool off; although sulphur may also be useful where feet are cold. In the orifices burning is generally associated with redness and discharges are excoriating and acrid. Eruptions of itching nature, if scratched will burn. Useful in conditions result of suppressed eruptions or hemorrhoids. In congestive condition of head and chest as a result of suppression where vertex is hot and patient feels too full in region of heart. Is so oppressed as not to be able to stand it in a closed room, blood rushing to the head. Feels as if suffocating unless doors and windows are opened, especially at night. Pain in heart through to back. If our indicated remedies do not act a few doses of sulphur often pave the way to success, and the indicated remedies, will act better afterwards. In these cases we generally find some suppression or a taint of psora. Aversion to getting washed or bathed. In many conditions of psoric nature, where people are filthy, or where there is a filthy odor of the body even if it is clean and bathed often. Lips bright red, tongue white coated with red tip and edges. Diarrhea of painless nature, especially in the early morning. Weakness and faint feeling especially, which may be alternated or preceded by. hot. flushes or flashes of heat with perspiration and faint feeling, Sulphur is more indicated in lean, stooped people than others and also more in chronic than acute cases.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.