Homeopathic dilutions: T

Tarantula Hispana. 30d or Higher.

In hysteria as a result of hyperesthesia or congestion of the reproductive organs in the female. Patient is very easily depressed or excited, especially by music. Cannot keep quiet, no matter in what position, still exercise aggravates condition. Pruritis and excessive sexual desire. Twitching and jerking. of muscles and chorea as result of uterine or ovarian troubles with above indications. Pain and marked sensitiveness of back.

Thuja Occidentalis. 12d or Higher.

Thuja is one of our main antipsoric remedies. Warts or condylomata will disappear if thuja is given, but it is especially effective if these are the result of suppression of gonorrhea. Chordee and severe pain in gonorrhea are corrected by this remedy if indicated and given in high potencies. Styes or chalazion of eyelids; inflammation of or polypus of the ear. Warts on nose; greenish discharge of nose or scabs in nose; teeth decaying at roots; varicosities in throat or in the mouth or both. Hair growing in splits, growing slowly or falling out. Headaches result of vaccination. Sensation -of rumbling and much noise in abdomen. Abdomen distended, irregular, and as if there was something alive and moving in it, generally associated with a great deal of noise and rumbling. Diarrhea, especially if the after effects of vaccination. Stools are profuse and come with much force. Constipation, stools are large, composed of hard, black balls, hard to pass, often receding after partially passed. Face of thuja generally looks greasy or shiny.

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The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.