Carduus Marianus.

Botanical name: 

Syn.—St. Mary's thistle.
P. E.—Seeds.
N. O.—Compositae.
N. H.—Europe, United States.

In chronic cases where there is venous engorgement. Whenever there is venous stasis with veins enlarged, perhaps clogged with blood, this is the remedy.

Useful in many chronic liver and splenic troubles of a congestive nature. In varicose veins it has cured where all other remedies failed. Must be given a long time as it acts slowly. The dose of tincture of Lloyd's specific is 2 to 5 drops 3 to 4 times a day for an adult. If this cannot be had the homeopathic mother tincture should be used.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.