Santonica, Levant Wormseed,—the unexpanded flower-heads of Artemisia pauciflora. Contains Santonin, a crystalline neutral principle.

Santoninum, Santonin,—Dose, gr. 1/4-v, as per age, with Calomel.
Trochisci Santonini,—each troche contains gr. ss of Santonin. Dose, j-v, as per age.

Spigelia, Pinkroot,—the root of Spigelia marilandica, the Carolina Pink. It contains a bitter principle, a volatile oil, tannin, etc.

Extractum Spigeliae Fluidum,—Dose, ♏x-ʒij, as per age.

Aspidium Filix-mas, Male Fern,—the rhizome of Dryopteris Filix-mas and D. marginalis. Contains Filicic Acid, a green, fatty Oil, a Volatile Oil, etc.

Oleoresina Aspidii,—Dose, ♏x-ʒj. ℥iss has caused death.

Chenopodium, American Wormseed,—the fruit of Chenop. ambrosioides.

Oleum Chenopodii,—Dose, ♏v-xv, thrice daily, then a cathartic.

Granatum, Pomegranate,—the bark of the root of Punica granatum. Contains Punico-tannic Acid and an active liquid alkaloid, Pelletierine.

*Decoctum Granati (℥ij ad Oj),—Dose, ℥ij-iv every hour, up to Oj.
*Pelletierinae Tannas,—Dose, gr. v-xx, followed by a cathartic.

Cusso, Kousso, (Brayera),—the female inflorescence of Hagenia abyssinica. Contains a principle, Koussin, which by itself is apparently inert.

Extractum Cusso Fluidum,—Dose, ʒij-℥j, in water.

Oleum Terebinthinae, Oil of Turpentine,—(See under its own title),—Dose, ℥ss-ij, combined with a purgative, as Castor Oil.

Kamala, Rottlera,—the glands and hairs from the capsules of Mallotus Philippinensis. Dose, ʒj-iii.

Pepo, Pumpkin-seed,—the seed of Cucurbita pepo. Dose, ℥ij in emulsion, or three half-℥ doses of the Expressed Oil, followed by a cathartic.

Quassia, Aloe, also Carbolic Acid, gr. xx ad Oj aquae,—as injections against the Oxyurus Vermicularis (thread-worm).

The Anthelmintics used against the Ascaris Lumbricoides (round-worm) are Santonin, Chenopodium, and Spigelia;—those against the Oxyurus Vermicularis (thread-worm) are the same, aided by injections of weak decoctions of Quassia or Aloe, or Carbolic Acid, gr. xx ad Oj aquae;—those against the Taeniae (tape-worms) are Aspidium, Granatum, Cusso, Kamala, Pepo, and Turpentine. Chloroform is sometimes used as a taeniafuge, and with very great success, in ʒj doses in ℥j of mucilage, for an adult, followed by ℥j of Castor Oil.

A Compend of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Prescription Writing, 1902, by Sam'l O. L. Potter, M.D., M.R.C.P.L.