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Liquor Calcis, Solution of Lime, (Lime-water),—Dose, ℥ss-ij.
Syrupus Calcis, Syrup of Lime,—strength 6 ½ p. c. Dose, ʒss-ij.
Linimentum Calcis, Lime Liniment (Carron Oil),—has equal volumes of Lime-water and Linseed Oil, shaken together. For local use.
Calcii Carbonas Praecipitatus, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate,—insoluble in water or alcohol. Dose, gr. v-xx.
*Testa Praeparata, Prepared Oystershell,—contains Calcium Carbonate and organic matter. Dose, gr. v-xx.
Creta Praeparata, Prepared Chalk,—is native Calcium Carbonate, freed from its impurities by elutriation. Dose, gr. v-xx.
Mistura Cretae, Chalk Mixture,—20 per cent. Dose, ʒij-iv.

The Phosphate is treated of under the title Phosphates, Calx Sulphurata under Sulphur, and Calx chlorata under Chlorum.

Physiological Action. Feebly alkaline, the preparations of Calcium are mere astringent antacids. The actions of the phosphate have already been described. Syrupus Calcis is an antidote to Carbolic Acid, or Oxalic Acid poisoning.

Therapeutics. Lime-water is used in the summer vomiting of children, and is added to their milk when the latter is not well retained. Chalk mixture is prescribed in the diarrhoea of children, with sour-smelling watery stools. In Diphtheria and Croup, the vapors of slaking lime, or lime-water spray, are often very serviceable. Lime Liniment is a good application for burns.

A Compend of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Prescription Writing, 1902, by Sam'l O. L. Potter, M.D., M.R.C.P.L.