Phosphates and Phosphites.

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Calcii Phosphas Praecipitatus, Precipitated Calcium Phosphate. Dose, gr. j-x.
Syrupus Calcii Lactophosphatis, Syrup of C. Lactophosphate. Dose, ʒj.
Sodii Phosphas, ʒj-℥j. Sodii Pyrophosphas, ʒss-℥ss.
Syrupus Hypophosphitum cum Ferro, Syrup of H. with Iron, ʒj-℥ss.
*Syrupus Phosphatum Compositus, Compound Syrup of Phosphates, Parrish's Chemical Food,—each drachm contains gr. 2 ½ of Ferric Phosphate, and gr. 1 of Calcium Phosphate, Dose, ʒj-℥ss.

Physiological Action. Calcium Phosphate is an essential ingredient of all the tissues, forming more than 50 per cent. of the bones. Lactic and HCl Acids dissolve it in small quantities. It increases the alkalinity of the blood and its power to hold carbonic acid, and diminishes the excretion of urea. Sodium Phosphate acts similarly on the blood and urea, and increases secretion, especially that of the bile, being an excellent cholagogue, and thereby aiding the digestion of fats. In ounce doses it is laxative.

Therapeutics. Calcium Phosphate and the Hypophosphites are used with advantage in all diseases of mal nutrition, and where repair or development of the bones is required. They are particularly useful in—

Osteo-malacia. Rachitis. Scrofulosis. Anaemia and Bone Softening of Lactation.
Protracted Suppuration. Caries. Phthisis.

Sodium Phosphate, in ʒ doses ter die for adults, gr. x-xx for children, is extremely useful in conditions depending on catarrh of the bile ducts and duodenum, as headache, jaundice, chalky stools, etc. Gall-stones may be prevented from forming by scruple or drachm doses of this salt before meals, for months. It is also a good remedy for the following conditions,—

Obesity. Incipient Hepatic Sclerosis. Cerebral Debility.
Diabetes. Chronic Infantile Diarrhoea. Bilious Sick-headache.
Pasty white stools of ill-conditioned children.

A Compend of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Prescription Writing, 1902, by Sam'l O. L. Potter, M.D., M.R.C.P.L.