Botanical name: 


Soda, Sodium Hydrate, (Caustic Soda),—sol. in 1.7 of water.
Liquor Sodae, Solution of Soda,—Dose, ♏ij-x, well diluted with water.
Sodii Bicarbonas,—sol. in 11 ½ of water. Dose, gr. v-ʒj, well diluted.
Sodii Boras, Sodium Borate, (Borax),—Dose, gr. ij-xx, well diluted.
Pulvis Effervescens Compositus, Seidlitz Powder,—has of the Bicarbonate gr. xl, Rochelle Salt, gr. cxx, Tartaric Acid, gr. xxv, for one dose.

The Phosphate is noted under Phosphates,—the Bromide under Bromum,—the Arsenate under Arsenum,—the Chloride under Chlorum,—the Sulpho-carbolate under Carbolic Acid.

Physiological Action is similar to that of Potassium, except that the Sodium salts are feebler alkalies, are not so depressant, and are not such powerful cardiac and nerve poisons. The Chloride exists normally in the blood, where it keeps the fibrin and albumen in solution; and in inflammation, being greatly needed therefor, it accumulates at the seat of the morbid action, disappearing for the time from the urine. Its reappearance therein is a sign of improvement.

Therapeutics. Internally the Sodium salts are not much used, the Potassium and Lithium salts being preferred. Locally in—
Burns, a saturated solution of the Bicarbonate is an agreeable application. Skin Diseases, as eczema, acne, prurigo, pityriasis, fetid sweats.
Freckles may be removed by using a saturated solution of Borax in rose-water, as a face-wash night and morning.
Intussusception may be treated by effervescing powders, the soda being first injected, then the acid. Danger, rupture of the bowel.
Narcotic Poisoning,—the same method, as an emetic, per orem.
Seidlitz Powders are used as refrigerants and gentle laxatives.
In Lithaemia, Acid Urine, and Acidity of the Stomach, the Sodium salts should not be used—Potassium or Lithium salts being far superior.
In Epilepsy and Paralysis Agitans,—Borax is employed with great benefit in many cases.

A Compend of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Prescription Writing, 1902, by Sam'l O. L. Potter, M.D., M.R.C.P.L.