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Preparations and Doses.

Zinci Acetas, Zinc Acetate,—gr. 1/10-ij. Very soluble in water.
Zinci Sulphas, Zinc Sulphate,—gr. 1/10-j in pill; us an emetic, gr. x-xxx, in water, or gr. j in ℥ss of water every 5 minutes until emesis occurs.
Zinci Oxidum, Zinc Oxide,—gr. j-x in pill; insoluble in water.
Unguentum Zinci Oxidi,—strength 20 per cent.
Zinci Carbonas Praecipitatus,—is used as ointment.
*Calamine is an impure Carbonate of Zinc, formerly a favorite ointment for skin diseases.
Zinci Chloridum, Zinc Chloride,—is used as a caustic in cancer.
Zinci Valerianas, gr. 1/10-ij.
Zinci Phosphidum,—See Phosphorus.

Physiological Action. The salts of Zinc are astringents, but milder than the salts of Lead. Its soluble salts (the Chloride, Sulphate and Acetate) are corrosive poisons, Causing violent gastro-enteritis, and in some cases profound nervous symptoms. The Chloride is a powerful and painful escharotic, having great affinity for water, and destroying the albumen of the tissues. The Sulphate is a specific emetic, acting promptly and without much depression.

Continued use of these salts produces symptoms similar to those of chronic Lead-poisoning, but of less gravity. They do not manifest the same tendency to accumulate in the system as the salts of the other similar metals.

Therapeutics. Zinc salts are used as weak and mild astringents in—

Gonorrhoea,—injections of the Sulphate (gr. j ad ℥j aquae).
Conjunctivitis,—the Sulphate, with or without Atropine, as a collyrium.
Skin Diseases,—the Oxide and Acetate, as unguents and lotions.
Lupus, Epithelioma, and other malignant growths,—the Chloride as an escharotic, made into a paste with flour and glycerin.
Narcotic Poisoning,—the Sulphate, in a 6-grain dose, is the best emetic.
Diarrhoeas and Dysentery,—the Sulphate with Opium and Ipecac., or the Oxide with Pepsin, are efficient, after clearing the intestinal canal.
Summer Diarrhoea of children,—the Oxide is an excellent remedy; may be given with Bismuth and Pepsin in powders.
Gastralgia,—the Oxide, gr. v-x, with Aromatic powder and Morphine, is often very efficient, if given half an hour before eating.
Night-sweats of Phthisis,—the Oxide, gr. iij, with Extract Belladonnae, gr. ss, at bedtime, is generally effective as a preventive.
Catarrhs of mucous membranes—the Sulphate in weak solution locally.
Epilepsy, Neuralgia, Chorea, Hysteria and Nervous Headache,—have been successfully treated by the Oxide and the Valerianate; especially the latter in the various anomalous nervous affections of hysterical women.

A Compend of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Prescription Writing, 1902, by Sam'l O. L. Potter, M.D., M.R.C.P.L.