Achillea millefolium.

ACHILLEA MILLEFOLIUM, L. Yarrow, Milfoil. Common to Europe and America, from Canada to Louisiana, in woods and fields. Whole plant used. Bitter and nidorose, tonic, restringent, and vulnerary, but subnarcotic and inebriant. Used for hemorrhoids, dysentery, hemoptysis, menstrual affections, wounds, hypochondria, and cancer. The infusion and extract are employed. The American plant is stronger than the European, and has lately been exported for use: this often happens with our plants, our warm summers rendering our medical plants more efficacious. The A. ptarmica, or Sneezeweed, is said to also grow in New York: few botanists have seen it. Used as an errhine in Europe.

Medical Flora, or Manual of the Medical Botany of the United States of North America, Vol. 2, 1830, was written by C. S. Rafinesque.