577. Tanacetum.—Tansy.

Botanical name: 

577. TANACETUM.—TANSY. The leaves and tops of Tanace'tum vulga're Linné. Off. in U.S.P. 1890 Leaves pinnate, the lobes sharply serrate, in wrinkled, broken pieces mixed with the reddish stems; midrib heavy and prominent on under side; odor strong, fragrant, diminished by drying; taste bitter, somewhat mint-like. Constituents: Tanacetin, C11H16O4 (a bitter principle), malic acid, volatile Oil (0.25 per cent.), tannin, resin, etc. Stimulant, tonic, emmenagogue, and anthelmintic. The dose of the volatile oil is from 1 to 5 drops; used also as a domestic abortifacient and as a remedy for amenorrhea. Its use should be prohibited except upon physician's order, as it is a dangerous drug. Dose: 15 to 60 gr. (1 to 4 Gm.), in infusion.

A Manual of Organic Materia Medica and Pharmacognosy, 1917, was written by Lucius E. Sayre, B.S. Ph. M.