Gaylussacia frondosa, Gaylussacia resinosa.

Gaylussacia frondosa Torr. & Gray. Vacciniaceae. Blue Tangle. Dangleberry. Dwarf Huckleberry.

North America. The fruit is large, bluish, rather acid and is used for puddings. The fruit is sweet and edible according to Gray. In the southern states, the berries are eaten.

Gaylussacia resinosa Torr. & Gray. Black Huckleberry.

North America. This plant has several varieties and occurs in woodlands and swamps in northeast America. The berries are globular, of a shining black color, and Emerson says are more valued in market than those of other species.

Sturtevant's Edible Plants of the World, 1919, was edited by U. P. Hedrick.