Weights and Measures.

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Table of Apothecaries' Weights.

One Grain (Granum)gr. = a grain.
One Scruple (Scrupulus)℈ = 20 grains.
One Drachm (Drachma)ʒ = 60 grains.
One Ounce Troy (Uncia)℥ = 8 drachms.
One Pound (Libra)lb. = 12 Troy ounces.

Table of Measures of Capacity or Fluids.

One Minim (Minimum)♏ = a minim.
One Drop (Gutta)gtt = about ½ minim.
One Fluid Drachm (Fluidrachm)ʒ = 60 minims.
One Fluid Ounce (Fluiduncia)℥ = 8 fluid drachms.
One Pint (Octarius)O = 16 fluid ounces.
One Gallon (Congius)C = 8 pints.

Metric System.

One MyriagrammeEquals10,000 Grammes
One Kilogramme"1,000 Grammes
One Hectogramme"100 Grammes
One Decagramme"10 Grammes
One Gramme (the unit of weight) equals the weight of one cubic centimeter of water at 4° C.
One Decigramme"0.1 Gramme
One Centigramme"0.01 Gramme
One Milligramme"0.001 Gramme
Measures of Capacity or Liquids.
One MyrialiterEquals10,000 Liters
One Kiloliter"1,000 Liters
One Hectoliter"100 Liters
One Decaliter"10 Liters
One Liter (the unit of measure) equals the volume of one cubic decimeter.
One Deciliter"0.1 Liter
One Centiliter"0.01 Liter
One Milliliter"0.001 Liter

Metric System with Equivalents.

Metric WeightsEquivalent.
One MyriagrammeEquals22,046lbs. Avoirdupois.
One Kilogramme"15,432.35Grains Troy.
One Hectogramme"1,543.235"
One Decagramme"154.323"
One Gramme">15.432"
One Decigramme"1.543"
One Centigramme"0.154"
One Milligramme"0.015"

Metric System with Equivalents.

Metric MeasuresEquivalent
One MyrialiterEquals2641.7Gallons.
One Kiloliter"264.17"
One Hectoliter"26.417"
One Decoliter"2.6417"
One Liter equals 2.113 Pints."0.264"
One Deciliter"3.381Fluid Ounces.
One Centiliter"2.704Fluid Drachms.
One Milliliter"16.231Minims.

Apothecaries' Weights and Measures, with Metric Equivalents.

Weights.Exact Metric Equivalents.
1 Ounce Avoirdupois (437.5 gr.)Equals28.350Grammes.
1 Ounce Troy (480 gr.)"31.103"
1 Drachm Troy (60 gr.)"3.888"
1 Scruple (20 gr.)">1.296"
1 Grain"0.06479"
1-10 Grain"0.006479"
1-60 Grain"0.001079"
1-100 Grain"0.000648"
1-200 Grain"0.000324"
1-500 Grain"0.000129"
Measures.Exact Metric Equivalents.Approximate Equivalents.
1 GallonEquals3.7854 LitersEquals4 Liters.
1 Quart".94636 Liters"1 Liter.
1 Pint"473.180 cu. cent"½ Liter.
8 Fluid Ounces"236.590 cu. cent."¼ Liter or 240 c.c.
4 Fluid Ounces"118.295 cu. cent."⅛ Liter or 120 c. c.
1 Fluid Ounce"29.574 cu. cent."30 cubic Centimeters.
1 Drachm"3.697 cu. cent.
1 Minim"0.061 cu. cent.

Since one cubic centimeter of water weighs one gramme, the word "gramme" is often used instead of cubic centimeter for liquid measure.

The Eclectic Practice of Medicine, 1907, was written by Rolla L. Thomas, M. S., M. D.