Tinctura Cinnamomi. U. S., Br. Tincture of Cinnamon.

Tr. Cinnam.

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Teinture (alcoole) de Cannelle, Fr. Cod.; Tinctura Cinnamomi, P. G.; Zimmttinktur, G.; Tinctura alcoholica de canela, Sp.

"Saigon Cinnamon, in No. 50 powder, two hundred grammes [or 7 ounces av., 24 grains], to make one thousand mils [or 33 fluidounces, 6 ½ fluidrachms]. Prepare a Tincture by Type Process P, using a mixture of seventy-five volumes of glycerin, six hundred and seventy-five volumes of alcohol, and two hundred and fifty volumes of water as the menstruum." U. S.

"Cinnamon Bark, in No. 40 powder, 200 grammes; Alcohol (70 per cent.), sufficient to produce 1000 millilitres. Moisten the powder with two hundred millilitres of the Alcohol, and complete the percolation process." Br.

The British and the U. S. tinctures are now of the same strength. This tincture has the aromatic and astringent properties of cinnamon, and may be used as an adjuvant to cretaceous mixtures and astringent infusions or decoctions. By long keeping it is prone to gelatinize and become unfit for use. According to Greenish, this can be prevented by using a menstruum composed of six parts of alcohol and two parts of water. (P. J., Feb. 1872, 641). Glycerin is now used in the menstruum for this purpose. It is an agreeable flavoring to other tinctures and because of its astringent powers is especially used in diarrhea mixtures.

Dose, one to two fluidrachms (3.75-7.5 mils).

Off. Prep.—Elixir Taraxaci Compositum, N. F.; Mistura Rhei Alkalina, N. F.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.