Tinctura Limonis Corticis. U. S. (Br.) Tincture of Lemon Peel. Tr. Limon. Cort.

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Tinctura Limonis, Br.; Tincture of Lemon; Teinture (alcoole) de Zeste de Citron, Fr.; Citronenschalentinktur, G.

"Lemon Peel, grated from the fresh fruit, five hundred grammes [or 17 ounces av., 279 grains], to make one thousand mils [or 33 fluid-ounces, 6½ fluidrachms]. Prepare a Tincture by Type Process M, macerating the drug in one thousand mils [or 33 fluid-ounces, 6 ½ fluidrachms] of alcohol and completing the preparation with alcohol. Use purified cotton as the filtering medium." U. S.

"Lemon Peel, cut small, 250 grammes; Alcohol (90 per cent.), 1000 millilitres. Prepare by the maceration process." Br.

Tincture of lemon peel was a new official preparation of the U. S. P. VIII. Spirit of lemon made from oil of lemon was abandoned, because the poor quality of the oil with which it was likely to be made caused it to have a terebinthinate flavor. The 50 per cent. tincture made by macerating fresh lemon peel in alcohol was proposed by Scoville and the present formula produces a very satisfactory preparation.

This tincture was doubled in strength at the 1898 revision of the Br. Pharm., but is now only about one-half the strength of the U. S.. tincture. It is made with strong alcohol instead of proof spirit formerly used. It forms a grateful aromatic addition to tonic infusions, etc.

Dose, from one to two fluidrachms (3.75-7.5 mils).

Off. Prep.—Syrupus Acidi Citrici, U. S.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.