Tinctura Hyoscyami. U. S., Br. Tincture of Hyoscyamus. Tr. Hyosc. [Tincture of Henbane. Hyoscyami Tinctura P. I.]

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"One hundred mils of Tincture of Hyoscyamus yields not less than 0.0055 Gm. nor more than 0.0075 Gm. of the alkaloids of hyoscyamus." U. S.

Teinture (alcoole) de Jusquiame, Fr.; Bilsenkrauttinktur, G.; Tintura alcoholica de beleno, Sp.

"Hyoscyamus, in No. 60 powder one hundred grammes [or 3 ounces av., 231 grains], to make about one thousand mils [or 33 fluidounces, 6 ½ fluidrachms]. Prepare a Tincture by Type Process P, as modified for assayed tinctures, using diluted alcohol as the menstruum and adjusting the volume of the finished Tincture so that each one hundred mils contains 0.0065 Gm. of the alkaloids of hyoscyamus." U. S.

"Hyoscyamus Leaves, in No. 20 powder, 100 grammes; Alcohol (70 per cent.), sufficient to produce 1000 millilitres. Moisten the powder with one hundred millilitres of the Alcohol, and complete the percolation process." Br.

The strength of the British tincture (1898) was slightly reduced (20 per cent.) in order to bring it into the class of tinctures having the maximum dose of a fluidrachm. The strength was also reduced in the U. S. P. VIII and IX from 15 to 10 Gm. per 100 mils, and an assay process appended. The Br. and U. S. tinctures are now of the same strength.

This tincture possesses the activities of hyoscyamus. When it purges, as it sometimes does, it may be united with a very small proportion of tincture of opium.

Dose, one-half to one fluidrachm (1.8-3.75 mils).

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.