Fluidextractum Sennae. U. S. Fluidextract of Senna.

Botanical name: 

Fldext. Senn.

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Extrait liquide de Sene, Fr.; Flüssiges Sennaextrakt, G.

"Alexandria Senna, in No. 40 powder, one thousand grammes [or 35 ounces av., 120 grains], Prepare a Fluidextract by Type Process A, using a mixture of one volume of alcohol and two volumes of water as the menstruum, and reserving the first eight hundred mils [or 27 fluidounces, 24 minims] of percolate." U. S.

The U. S. P. VIII process provided for the elimination of the griping principles by the previous percolation of the powdered senna with alcohol; diluted alcohol was then used to exhaust the drug of the purgative principles. This previous treatment of the senna was deleted from the U. S. P. IX process and the menstruum was made less alcoholic. The fluid-extract is a dark, blackish, thick, and somewhat turbid liquid, with a strong flavor of senna. It is well adapted for exhibition with saline cathartics, such as Epsom salt or cream of tartar, which also obviate its griping. In this case not more than one-half of the full dose of the fluidextract should be given at once.

The British Pharm. (1898) "Liquor Senna Concentratus" was more like a concentrated infusion than a fluidextract, but had the same strength of the latter, the menstruum is distilled water; tincture of ginger and alcohol being added.

Dose, from one-half to two fluidrachms (1.8-7.5 mils), for an adult.

Off. Prep.—Syrupus Sarsaparillae Compositus, U. S.; Syrupus Sennae, U. S.; Elixir Cascarae Compositum, N. F.; Elixir Catharticum Compositum, N. F.; Syrupus Ficorum Compositus, N. F.; Syrupus Sennae Aromaticus, N. F.; Syrupus Sennae Compositus, N. F.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.