Agave L.

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Engl.: agave.
Deu.: Agave.
Sven.: agave.
Suom.: agaave.

Agave albicans:

Agave albicans Jacobi, Agavaceae: See Agave celsii Hook. var. albicans (Jacobi) Gentry.

Agave americana

Agave americana L.
Engl.: American agave, American century plant, American aloe, century plant, flowering aloe, maguey, metl, spiked aloe.
Deu.: Amerikanische Agave, Hundertjährige Agave, Hundertjährige Aloe.
Sven.: agave, hundraårig aloe.
Suom.: jättiagaave.

Agave angustifolia

Agave angustifolia Haw.
Engl.: century plant.
Suom.: raita-agaave.
Span.: maguey mezcalero, mescal de maguey, mezcal de maguey.

Agave asperrima

Agave asperrima Jacobi.
Engl.: rough century plant.
Span.: maguey cenizo.
Bot. syn.: Agave cacciliana A. Berger, Agave scabra auct., Agave wislizeni Engelm.

Agave celsii

Agave celsii Hook.
Suom.: valkoagaave.
Bot. syn.: Agave albicans Jacobi.

Agave deserti

Agave deserti Engelm.
Engl.: desert agave.
Bot. syn.: Agave consociata Trel.

Agave ferdinandi-regis:

Agave ferdinandi-regis A. Berger, Agavaceae: See Agave victoriae-reginae T. Moore var. laxior A. Berger.

Agave filifera

Agave filifera Salm-Dyck.
Engl.: thread agave, thread-leaf agave.
Deu.: Silberfaden.
Sven.: trådagave.
Suom.: lanka-agaave.
Bot. syn.: Agave filamentosa Salm-Dyck.

Agave karatto

Agave karatto Mill.
Engl.: coratoe.
Span.: curaca.
Bot. syn.: Agave nevidis Trel., Agave salmdyckii Backer, Agave trankeera Trel.

Agave lechuguilla

Agave lechuguilla Torr.
Engl.: Tampico fiber.
Span.: lechuguilla, ixtle de lechuguilla, mescal lechuguilla, tula ixtle.

Agave mexicana

Agave mexicana Lam.
Span.: amole de raíz.

Agave palmeri

Agave palmeri Engelm.
Engl.: Palmer's century plant, Palmer agave.

Agave parrasana

Agave parrasana A. Berger.
Deu.: Parrasana-Agave.
Sven.: daggsagave.
Suom.: hammasagaave.

Agave parryi

Agave parryi Engelm.
Engl.: Parry's agave.
Span.: mescal.
Bot. syn.: Agave huachucensis Baker, Agave parryi Engelm. var. huachucensis (Baker) Little, Agave scabra Salm-Dyck.

Agave potatorum

Agave potatorum Zucc.
Engl.: butterfly agave.

Agave salmiana

Agave salmiana Otto ex Salm-Dyck.
Engl.: pulque agave, mezcal, pita, pulque.
Deu.: Pulqueagave.
Suom.: siniagaave.
Span.: maguey de pulque, maguey manso, maguey pulquero.
Bot. syn.: Agave ferox K. Koch.

Agave schidegera

Agave schidegera Lem.
Suom.: ripsuagaave.

Agave sisalana

Agave sisalana Perrine ex. Engelm.
Engl.: sisal, hemp-plant, sisal agave, sisal hemp.
Deu.: Sisal-Agave.
Sven.: sisalagave.
Suom.: sisalagaave.
Span.: sisal.
Bot. syn.: Agave rigida P. Mill. var. sisalana (Perrine) Engelm.

Agave utahensis

Agave utahensis Engelm.
Engl.: Utah agave, Utah aloe.

Agave victoriae-reginae

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Agave victoriae-reginae T. Moore.
Engl.: Queen Victoria agave.
Sven.: drottningagave.
Suom.: kruunuagaave.
Bot. syn.: Agave consideranti Carr., Agave ferdinandi-regis A. Berger.

Agave virginiana:

Agave virginiana L., Agavaceae: See Manfreda virginica (L.) Salisb. ex Rose.

Agave virginica:

Agave virginica L., Agavaceae: See Manfreda virginica (L.) Salisb. ex Rose.

Agave vivipara

Agave vivipara L.
Engl.: agave.

Agave wislizeni:

Agave wislizeni Engelm., Agavaceae: See Agave asperrima Jacobi.

Photo: Agave 0.

Botanical name: 
Photo: Agave.

Plant. Helsinki Winter Garden, Finland. Greenhouse. 2004-04-20.

Photo: Agave 1.

Botanical name: 
Photo: Agave 1.

Thorny leaves, pretty with markings after old leaves. Yes, that's right side up. Helsinki Winter Garden, Finland. Greenhouse. 2004-04-20.