Gin'n'raisins for arthritis.

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Date: Tue, 22 Mar 1994 20:43:02 -0800
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From: John Robert Bidleman <robbee.CRL.COM>
Subject: Re: Gin, raisins, and arthritis?

>> I'm not sure that this falls into the herbal category, but my mom said that the remedy of soaking raisins in gin, then eating nine a day as an arthritis cure has been widely publicized. She says that the grocery stores around her are devoid of raisins because of this story. Have any of you heard of this remedy or its effects?
> Yes indeed. The gin and golden raisins treatment for arthritis circulated on Holistic last fall, several months before it was popularized on Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" radio show. The raisins are to be soaked in gin for a week and then eaten 9/day.
> I have rheumatoid arthritis and tried the treatment. Mine is a tough case and I can't say that the raisins produced any improvement. However, my spirits rose!

It is interesting to note that the exterior of the grape contains what they call the "bloom" or a small dust-like coating of yeasts. I live in the midst of Wine country here in Sonoma county and have also heard of several other cures regarding the peels of crushed grapes. It is akin to eating brewer's yeast for the same problem....but a bit less potent.
The more esoteric or "folkloric" a cure is, it seems the more eager people are to place their faith in it. Try brewer's yeast and compare.


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