Raisins+gin for arthritis.

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Subject: Re: Arthritus
From: Star Dancer <strdancr.gate.net>
Date: 5 Aug 1995 01:59:37 GMT

My mother six months ago was facing total knee replacements because of arthritis. Two months ago she started taking an old wives remedy. Last week we went to the beach, walked for hours in the flea market and went shopping all weekend long. The recipe for this is

1 lb of GOLDEN raisins. (they must be the golden ones)
½ pint of gin.

you place the raisins into a bowl and pour the gin over them. Leave them sit on the counter uncovered until the gin has been absorbed into the raisins. This also dissipates the alcohol. When the raisins have absorbed all the liquid cover them and put them in the refrigerator. Eat 9 of these raisins every day. It took about 5 weeks or so for the effects to be as they are. I watched her walking better every day after about the 5th week. All of a sudden it occured to her that she was walking without limping again. The change in her has been wonderful.

From: gail miller <gail.escape.com>

My cousin eats ten gin soaked white raisins every night and appears to have great success making the arthritic pain in her hands subside. She covers the raisins with gin in a jar for two weeks, adding gin if necessary as it is absorbed by the raisins to keep them covered. Anybody else have experience with this?

From: cherridge.delphi.com Connor

>Does anyone know of any herbs that help reduce the pain of severe arthritis?

Take two pounds of white raisens commonly called 'golden' raisens and mix in a pint of gin. Stir it occasionally for two days until all of the alcohol has evaporated and the gin has completely soaked into the raisens.
Eat only 10 raisens a day. It will take about two months for the pain to completely stop.

From: p_iannone.pop.com (Paul Iannone)

: Take two pounds of white raisens commonly called 'golden' raisens and mix in a pint of gin.

Commonly called sulfured raisins. The sulphites used in these raisins (to change their color and preserve them) are not very healthy for you, and if you want to drink gin, just go ahead and do it. Such use of alcohol to kill arthritis pain is not new (!), nor is it healthful if the problem is associated with reddened joints or liver problems.

It would make vastly more sense to drink an alcohol extract of the proper herbal arthritis formula.

From: tatyana.blarg.com

: Take two pounds of white raisens commonly called 'golden' raisens and mix in a pint of gin.

As much as I wish it were true, this does NOT work. Alcohol has been a long time pain reliever in many countries, that's all this will do. Unfortunately there isn't even enough in the raisins to have much of an effect. I have heard, though, that evening primrose whatever helps with arthritis. This was recently posted in the arthritis newsgroups (about the raisins).

From: Star Dancer <StrDancr.gate.net>

>As much as I wish it were true, this does NOT work. Alcohol has been

I beg to differ with you, I have SEEN the difference in my mother after taking the raisins & gin thing. She has gone from nearly bed ridden to walking the beach. And it isn't just being masked. Her x-rays have shown a decrease in the inflamation and swelling and even her doctor has been impressed with the changes.

From: carolbil.ix.netcom.com (Carol Leavenworth)

Star Dancer <StrDancr.gate.net> writes:
>>Does anyone know of any herbs that help reduce the pain of severe arthritis?
>Yes... but it may sound strange!
>My mom had severe arthritis in her knees to the point of being in agony just to go to the living room from the bedroom. She finally decided to try "gin and raisins" that she had been told about before.
>take a pound of "golden" raisins.(Must be golden) and a half pint of gin. pour the gin over the raisins in a bowl and stir them often for a couple of days until the liquid has been absorbed. (the alcohol will evaporate by then also). When the liquid has been completely absorbed take 10 raisins a day. In about 6-8 weeks you will not believe the difference.
>I saw this with my own eyes so I know it works. I've heard from others that it works also. But now my mom goes to the malls and the beaches again and the difference is amazing!

I got this same receipe from my mother. It worked for me and when I recently asked her about her arthritis, she said "I don't have arthritis" so I guess it has worked for her too. I heard to take 9 raisins a day.

From: p_iannone.pop.com (Paul Iannone)

: I got this same receipe from my mother. It worked for me and when I recently asked her about

Eat a pound or two. This is sympathetic magic at its finest.

This has never, and will never work for actual arthritis. What it works for is for Stagnation-type joint pain, a minor sort of 'Bi' (Obstruction syndrome). Alcohol Moves Qi, so it resolves the Stagnation. Exercise of a mild sort, like Tai ji quan, will do the same, and will also help Dredge the Channels so your pain doesn't come back.

Also see http://www.henriettes-herb.com/archives/best/1994/arthritis.html.


Gin soaked raisins:
I tried the "amazing gin soaked recipe" which I found in the (deleted) book. I have been suffering from arthritis stiffness and pain in my hips and acute tendonosis in both right right and left arm. Physical therapy has not helped. I had to take Advil everyday just to get through my work day. I picked up my (deleted) book, just out of curiosity, and found the recipe, decided to try it even though I really didn't think it would work. Well, it did work. Within 3 days, I kid you not, my pain was completely gone. I realize this may not be the norm, but that is how quickly it worked for me, I am so happy and amazed that I found something natural that works. I was fearful I would have to quit my job (it's very physical) and retire myself to the rocking chair for the rest of my life and I'm only 61. I just want everyone to know it worked for me and to please give it a try. I really feel like I have my life back.

Dear Jeannie K: I read your comment about taking gin soaked raisins and I am going to try it. Even though I am taking medication for the arthritis still the pain is not completely gone. I would like to know if you are still taking the raisins and are if you taking medicine as well? I am looking to alternatives because I know how bad could be the side effects of the prescription drugs and I would like to break free from them. In the meantime I can't because the pain prevents me from moving. Wish you well and thanks for the info Angelica

... it's very probable that Jeannie won't read your comment. This is not a discussion board, nor a forum - it's the forum archive part of a very large herbal site.

I tell my husband that I want to try this, because I suffer with so much pain, but he does not like the idea of the alcohol.
If you do decide to try it, please do not take medication at the same time. It is not safe.

So you don't take the occasional glass of something when you're on meds either then? Ho hum.
Gins + raisins is safe.

Although I haven't tried this myself, a very respected health practitioner who has helped me enormously in other ways recommended it to me. It seems that some in the comments above have really focused on the alcohol aspect. There should be virtually NO alcohol left after this preparation is ready to consume. According to my trusted source, the whole object is to get a non-toxic extract of the juniper berry into the raisins. He didn't specify that they must be white. Dr. Oz recently mentioned this also, and stated that the color of the raisins didn't matter. This is in agreement with my source, who said that juniper berries are in themselves toxic, but what remains in the raisins after soaking them and letting all the liquid evaporate is non-toxic, but retains all the beneficial components from the juniper berries. By the way, alcohol is vastly more volatile than water, so by the time all the liquid has evaporated you can be sure that almost any trace of alcohol is long gone, since it goes much faster than the water.

The combo seems to work well enough with lots of alcohol, so shrug.
Also, juniper berries aren't toxic ... they're a food.
And lastly, yes, alcohol in itself evaporates faster than a separate beaker of water. However, if you blend water and alcohol you can't then get rid of all the alcohol unless you also get rid of all the water.

Depends on what you mean by toxic. Juniper berries are subtly toxic according to some alternative practitioners. Also, embibing significant quantities of alcohol is hardly helpful for arthritic problems. I have used it for some days since my last post with regular dark raisins. For me it works well. I'm a musician and my right middle was giving me mild problems when doubling it up. Nothing very painful, but mildly unpleasant. That's gone. And anyone who thinks nine of these soaked raisins is going to have any significant alcohol content is dreaming. You'd have to eat tons of them to have the slightest effect and even then I have my doubts. That small alcohol content is barely detectable on the tongue and alcohol soaked into food gets released very slowly, so you wouldn't even get this miniscule amount all at once, as that even mattered. Anyone who thinks otherwise must have never had a drink in their entire pristine little life or be extremely allergic to micro-doses of alcohol spread out over tons of time. My joint is more flexible now. I have a strong sense that this remedy does something much better for arthritic conditions than simply relieve pain, not to mention that it takes an inordinate amount of alcohol to do much to pain. You have to get a good solid buzz on first. This won't even get you within light-years of the mildest buzz.

I think it might be the gin. I was taking from 24 - 32 milligrams of ibuprofen a day for hip and back pain and then started to have a gin and tonic at night rather than wine or a Manhattan. The pain would keep me up most nights and I would have to get up to take something. While I was drinking gin I noticed one day that I hadn't taken ibuprofen in a couple days and hadn't woken up in the night for a while. I ran out of gin and haven't gotten back to the liquor store and the pain is back at full force. I think I am going to try the gin soaked raisins - good to know it needs to be white raisins. it all sounds crazy and it's not like gin is that good for you, but neither is all that ibuprofen.

Interesting, thanks!

I mixed 1/2 pint of gin with 15 ounce box of white raisins and waited a week and put them in the fridge and started eating 9 a day. Slowly I started walking again and now I'm out dancing every chance I get. I also mix moon shine with prunes and it keeps me moving real good. My cousin said before she tried the raisins and gin she couldn't hardly hoe a row of cotton a day. Now, she says after 4 weeks of taking those raisins she is one of the best hoers in Alabama.

I thought i was going to need a hip replacement,raisins & gin did the trick.no more problems.might not work for everyone.I sure don't hoe,but i do a lot of fishing.good luck to anyone who try's it. florida

Claude Balz -
You have the best sense of humor & that alone will help one w/ pain & I just wanted to commit on that!
I am going to try this, as I'm sick & tired of swallowing all the RX pain meds, while my liver & kidneys are still healthy!
I'd guess that the reaction between properties of raisins, sugars, etc, in both raisins & gin - manage to kick start our bodies defense systems to fight off what ever caused the arthritis to begin with - who cares- if it works! In the meantime I don't drink that much anymore & got confused & purchased a pint of dark & light run ... so I'll now have something to sip on while I wait for the gin to soak up into the golden raisins - ;)
Hope you have a Merry Christmas & wonder holidays.

Well, I just got told to use gin & prunes! Thought I should lookup a recipie only to discover it's raisons I need. reading the logical posts here. I'm wondering if I might put some more juniper berries in the jar-can't hurt and I love the flavour of them. While that's brewing might just have to a G&T. Seems there are some prunes/prudes posting beforehand- don't they realize that the alcohol evaporates and besides alcohol is probably less dangerous than all the crap pills about.

I just want to know what kind of gin you prefere to use or if any one of your own is fine.

Any at all should work.

I've known people who tried cheaper gins and they didn't work. I use Tanqueray because they told me at the liquor store that it has the strongest juniper berry content. I quit drinking pretty much anything except an occasional sip of wine at parties. Never buy the stuff. However, in my early twenties I drank quite a bit and was very good at mixing drinks. Gin and tonic was one of my favorite drinks. I must say I have never tasted a gin with a stronger juniper berry flavor than Tanqueray. It's twice as expensive as say, Seagram's, but it really has worked for me. Seagram's has never been known for gin in the first place. They're a whiskey distiller who has barged into the gin market with a cheap simulation.

I tried Beefeater first and it worked so didn't change, but understand it should just be a good grade with Juniper berries as part of the process. Before this home remedy, each morning I had to decide whether it was a 1,2, or 3 Tylenol morning. Now it is only the nine gin-soaked raisins, and little to no joint or back pain. Really suggest giving it a try. Dick Saacke

It does not even have to be Gin Rum and Bourbon work just as well you also can use any raisins I get emails and phone calls from people I have told this to everyday thanking me for the information and telling me how it has either greatly lessened their pain or they are pain free now some have even said the stiffness has gone away it is not the alcohol but the reaction to the raisins when soaked in it

Neither rum nor Bourbon have juniper berries flavoring them. That's the secret. Straight juniper berries grow all around us...very common, but they're toxic if you eat them straight. Soaking raisins in gin strongly flavored with juniper berries gets you the benefits without the toxicity. If you soak the raisins long enough, the very volatile alcohol is virtually all gone, so those here who talk about the alcohol getting rid of the pain have no idea what they're talking about. Try killing pain with alcohol using any kind of dried fruit soaked in it for a day or two and you'll get zip for your trouble.

I was in a head on car wreck 7 years ago (hit by a 17 year old racing another kid) and ended up with two broken legs, smashed left hip, broken collar bone, broken ribs (which punctured a lung), a drop foot, and various other items. Had to have several surgeries to but me back together again, took 9 months to heal up and learn how to walk again and now cronic pain is just part of life (I was only 45 at the time of the wreck). The good part is that I'm not dead or in a wheel chair, but I can feel every step I take. When I heard about the Gin soaked rasins I had to try it. I didn't know they were supposed to be white rasins so I used the dark kind and only let them soam about 48 hours. I ate 9 every night before bed and within 3 days I could feel a difference. I usually walk with a cane but now I find myself leaving my cane behind. I still take medications for other things and could care less about the alcohol in the rasins...............IT WORKS! If you have pain you have to try it. The pure Southern Baptists will have to get someone else to go to the liquor store, but I guarantee this will work.

Good show!