Herbal remedy to help with constipation.

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Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Herbal remedy to help with constipation
From: eethomp.welchlink.welch.jhu.edu (Elaine Thompson)
Date: 14 Jun 1994 23:10:21 GMT

> What herbs would apply to constipation?

That old standby, prune juice.

Elaine Thompson

From: mulcahyj.delphi.com (Jim Mulcahy)

Are there funny stories about constipation? Maybe one anyway. When I was in my primitive back-to-the-land days, my 75 year old mother decided to come to rough it with me for two weeks. The lack of running water and the outhouse were a little much for mother and after several days she said:"Jimmy, I haven't moved my bowels" Now you have to understand that for Irish culture, bowels are a very important religious observance so I took her seriously. I got her some of the chocolate laxative that she liked and forgot about it. Two days later, having eaten the whole package, she said: "Jimmy, I still didn't go." The pharmacist suggested citrate of magnesia so I got her a bottle and she drank it. Two days later she said:"Jimmy, I still didn't go." I went to the grocery, got a quart of prune juice, heated it for better effect and watcher her drink it. In one hour she achieved critical mass and just about exploded. But she was clean and happy. We, on the other hand, spent the day swabbing, deodorizing and going to the laundry to wash everything she owned. Next time, I'll go straight for the prune juice.