Hedeoma, pennyroyal for mosquitoes.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: herbal insect repellant?
From: googoo.brewich.com (Karen)
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 1994 02:29:45 GMT

> >repellant? I was thinking Pannyroyal and Citronella oils (available at my local co-op) diluted with water (I am looking to use it on my horse, so I need a LOT and don't want to spend a small fortune by slathering him with the oil directly.) Does anyone have any suggestions about proportions? Will it keep in a spray bottle in my tack trunk, or does it need to be refrigerated?
> You probably already know oil doesn't mix with water. So think in terms of vegetable oil dilution. Combine both those oils and maybe add bergamot, etc. Recall that Pennyroyal can be toxic: it's not tasty but 1 oz drunk can make a person deathly sick.

Pennyroyal OIL is toxic when taken internally or absorbed in quantity through the skin - pennyroyal tea may be drunk in cupful doses without killing you.

I use crushed pennyroyal leaves rubbed on my dogs, and also steeped as in sun tea and sprayed on them, with good results for mosquitos and fleas.