Ginseng: problems with caffeine.

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Date: Sat, 6 Aug 1994 15:17:34 EDT
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Subject: Re: Ginseng

> Could someone be kind enough to summarize the possible adverse effects of ginseng? I've been taking a popular brand for a month now and am generally happy with the effect on a chronic sinus problem and energy levels, but beginning to feel kind of strung out...i am drinking caffeine and wonder if this could be a problem.
> Also need to know about possible adverse interations with prescription drugs such as blood pressure medications.

Woah...."Ginseng Abuse Syndrome" is even recognised by the AMA. You do not mention what kind of Ginseng or how much. I will defer to the TCM people on this list to give wither you from the Chinese view but.....surely you're not really doing coffee and ginseng? Oh dear oh dear....tut tut.

  1. It is nonsensical to take caffeine and ginseng together regularly. You will stress your adrenals (*get strung out*) and possibly raise your *stress threshold* to a danger point.
  2. Ginseng should be used with extreme caution in hypertensive situations especially if under medication.
  3. Sinusitis? Not the *usual* prescription. Pass.
  4. Toxic signs - not uniformly predictable but can include hypertension, euphoria, nervousness, skin eruptions, morning diarrhea.
  5. Contraindications - nervous anxiety, nervous tension, hypertension, disturbed menstruation,stimulant or rec. drug abuse, good vitality in younger persons.

Most recommend taking as a tonic for a period then alternating without eg 3 weeks on 2 weeks off.